180PRO Haircare

180° Turnaround to Healthy Hair​

Think your damaged hair has reached the point of no repair? This groundbreaking professional salon hair care system is proven to dramatically reduce hair’s worst breaking points and repair up to 2 years of hair abuse*.

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Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator Treatment

As the anchor, it intensifies the benefits of all 180PRO products by targeting weak areas to reverse damage, seal and protect hair.

Intense Reconstruct

For hair that is severely damaged and overprocessed.

Moisture Repair

For hair that is dry and damaged.


Take hairstyles to a whole new level. Try TEASEless to create big, bold styles without the damage of back-combing and over styling.

*Based on salon and U.S consumer studies of the shampoo, conditioner and Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator leave-in-treatment.