It’s okay to admit it: sometimes, you can be pretty hard on your hair. Heat styling, color services, and chemical treatments can leave you with brittle, broken locks and split ends. The best way to make it up to your stressed-out strands? Repair them with the Zotos Professional 180PRO Collection. Here are 5 remarkable reasons this advanced lineup is the solution for helping damaged hair do a 180° turnaround to healthy.

  1. Up to 2 years of hair abuse

Using your flat iron for a few minutes each day or getting your hair colored each month doesn’t seem so bad. But add it all up over time, and you’re talking serious damage.

The 180PRO collection targets hair’s worst breaking points, and helps repair up to 2 years of abuse*—which means there’s finally hope for healing those traumatized tresses.

  1. Groundbreaking technology

Yes, we see the irony in using the word ground-BREAKING to talk about repairing hair—but honestly, the science behind this professional salon system is that good. The secret is ultra-reparative Pro-Peptide Complex™, a protein-based complex designed to help improve the strength and health of hair. It contains hydrolyzed vegetable protein to provide strands with a protective coating, which helps lubricate and reinforce the cuticle. The complex also conditions the surface of the hair and reduces fiber-to-fiber friction to create healthy movement and body. So it’s a serious breakthrough for serious breakage!

  1. A powerful miracle treatment

Every product in the 180PRO line works miracles—but the real superhero is Miracle Repair Damage EliminatorTreatment. When used with other 180PRO products, it revs up their results by attracting their reparative benefits to damaged areas like a magnet. This is achieved with a patented cross-linking ingredient that strengthens hair with each use while building elasticity and creating a split-end-sealing film.

  1. A system for specific damaged hair needs

Everyone’s hair gets damaged for different reasons: one person might be a blow-drying junkie while the other is a dye-hard color devotee. That’s why 180PRO offers 4 separate systems:


  1. Radical results

We know how it feels: once you’ve seriously damaged your hair, you may think you’ve reached the point of no repair. But 180PRO is here to help bring back the healthy hair you remember. Your strands will be left smooth, soft, shiny—and most importantly, stronger than ever.

With the 180PRO collection, you can be tough on your tresses while treating them with the special care they deserve. If your hair has reached a make-or-break moment, make the choice to try 180PRO!
*Based on salon and U.S. consumer studies of the shampoo, conditioner and Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator™ leave-in treatment.