Since launching AGEbeautiful’s Tint Shine Collection, it has been one of the most intriguing palettes of colors that I get asked tons of questions about.

What is Tint Shine?  Who is it for?  Why do I need it?  How do I use it?

Tint Shine is a super soft veil of translucent demi-permanent color, that only takes 10 minutes to process.  These shades are ideal for the color-shy client who wants to take a baby step towards trying something new without a huge commitment.  Tint Shine is excellent for someone who wants a gentle, ammonia-free color treatment.

In just 10 minutes you are not only adding a tint of color, but softness, volume, manageability and, of course, all that super sexy AGEbeautiful shine!

In the salon, I love using Tint Shine for soft lowlights that are great for clients who wants dimension that never feels stripe-y or obvious.  Tint Shine is also fantastic when I need a super-fast blast of tone and conditioning treatment at the sinks… just apply to wet hair and in minutes not only is the color transformed, but the hair feels like it just received a luxurious moisture and shine treatment.

Tint Shine is perfect for refreshing previously faded color… have a red that’s getting dull?  Kick up the heat with Tint Shine Sheer Red.  A blonde that feels washed out?  Tint Shine Sheer Gold will turn up the tonality and give life back to that bland blonde.  Want to warm up a boring brunette?  Tint Shine Sheer Bronze is the perfect box to grab.

On a recent photo shoot we had this gorgeous model, Celestine, who wanted to try our most popular plum shade, but her agent didn’t want her to permanently change her color… Tint Shine Sheer Plum to the rescue!  In just 10 minutes I was able to give her the perfect plum cast that would gently fade out on its own.

Tint Shine is also intermixable with the other shades in the series.  I’ve been having a blast combining Tint Shine Sheer Gold with Tint Shine Sheer Bronze, for a Jennifer Lopez bronde.  Want an exciting merlot shade?  Try Sheer Red and Sheer Plum together.  For a fun, pewter blonde try Sheer Gold with just a baby drop of the Sheer Plum to ash it out and secure super smoky silver results.

I know you’re going to love working with all the versatile shades in the Tint Shine collection and can’t wait to see all the endless ways to incorporate them into your AGEbeautiful Hair Color arsenal!
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