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Changing the game for nearly a century

From the moment Zotos Professional broke onto the scene in 1929, it was clear that we were game changers. We revolutionized the hair industry with the invention of the machine-less permanent wave, then continued blazing trail after trail—and nearly a century later, we’re still creating next-level hair solutions.

The greatest advance in beauty history - Zotos the machineless pemranent.

Our winning formula Expertise and encouragement

How do we continue scoring all these wins? It’s simple: we pour professional, salon-quality power into every product, pair it with stylist-level education, and make them accessible to every hair enthusiast—or as we call them, Hair Creators.

Behind every Zotos Professional product lies the desire to connect deeply with our community. Since the beginning, we’ve had the unique ability to solve common hair concerns with a combination of science and unwavering focus on our Hair Creators’ dreams, providing the support and inspiration to make them a reality.

Powered by science

We believe hair is more than just a look: it’s an attitude, a story, a whole world of possibilities that unfold throughout your life. It’s this belief that’s poured into every one of our 5-star formulas, designed to give you the exact results you’re after.

It all starts with our team of scientists, who perform research that leads to real innovation, adopt cutting-edge technologies, and source QA-tested ingredients. This is no kitchen operation: we formulate products in our own state-of-the-art lab at our Darien, CT headquarters, and proudly manufacture them at our plant in Geneva, NY (one of the industry’s greenest).

Before they hit the shelves, we exhaustively test our products at our Green Circle Certified on-site salon so we can ensure they meet our rigorous standards and back them up with proven claims. Each formula is tried firsthand by stylists, clients, and our 45-member Salon Education Team—but never tested on animals. (That’s a promise.)

No one knows you Like we do

And while science powers our products, people fuel our passion. From stylists behind the chair to at-home extraordinaires, our intimate understanding of these Hair Creators is what sets us apart. They’re talented, creative, and adventurous. They love to experiment, reinvent, and express themselves. When it comes to hair, they’ve got game—and they need the right tools to take it to the next level.

We also know that tools alone aren’t enough. That’s why we’re there to give our Hair Creators real-life support and inspiration, welcoming them into our hair-loving community. We empower them to achieve their vision, and they fire us up to keep innovating. We don’t just talk to them, we talk with them—expert to expert. Because we know our hair savvy supporters have just as much to teach us as we have to teach them.

So let’s share the love of hair and keep each other at the top of our game. (And maybe break a few rules along the way.)

Hair Creators Have Game!

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