Choose your AGEbeautiful

Pick the right product
It's easy to choose the best product for your clients' needs!

permanent is best used for:

  • 100% gray coverage
  • dramatically changing haircolor (permanently alters natural hair pigment)
  • lightening or lifting haircolor

demi permanent is best used for:

  • first or few grays
  • up to 100% gray blending (make sure your client has less than 50% gray)
  • enhancing, deepening, or refreshing color
  • color deposit only, demi permanent does not lighten or lift color

tint shine is best used for:

  • first or a few grays
  • up to 100% gray blending (make sure your client has less than 50% gray)
  • brilliant, glossy shine with just a hint of translucent color
  • also available in Clear Shine (no color deposit)
Pick the right permanent form

it's easy to choose the best form for your clients' needs!


  • versatile liqui-crème consistency can be used with a bowl and brush or applicator bottle


  • developed exclusively for bottle application

ultimate coverage collection:

  • Permanent extra pigment packed Intense Neutral (NN) shades, to eliminate the most resistant gray
Pick the right Shade:

  1. Determine your client’s natural level of haircolor: 1-10 (left column on chart). Use the AGEbeautiful neutral hair swatches on the shade palette chart as a guide.
  2. Select the DESIRED level for your client (top horizontal numbers on chart).
  3. Where they intersect provides the level of AGEbeautiful haircolor and developer volume needed to achieve the desired result.
  4. Once you know the level of haircolor, select the tone/shade from the AGEbeautiful shade pallete chart.


  • Permanent shades will be more opaque than demi shades and provide 100% gray coverage.
  • Demi shades will be more translucent than their permanent counterpart, and provide up to 100% gray blending (depending on the amount of gray and coarseness of hair.)
  • When trying a shade on a client for the first time, go one shade lighter.
  • Neutral (N) and Gold (G) shades provide the best gray coverage.
  • When using an Ash (A), Violet (V) or Red (R) (RC) (RM) (RR) shade on over 50% gray, mix with equal parts of an AGEbeautiful neutral shade of the same level for optimal gray coverage.
  • For extra glossy shine, try CLEAR demi over the client's natural hair or on top of demi permanent or permanent haircolor.
  • Use AGEbeautiful gentle crème developer for optimal results.
  • Final results will be darker on more porous/chemically treated hair (adjust timing accordingly).

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