7 Highly Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

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I have the best tips for healthy hair because I’m truly obsessed with my hair! It all started back in elementary school when I decided to cut my hair short to follow after the world-class figure skater, Dorothy Hamill. That turned out to be a huge mistake for me. Short hair was not becoming on me. One day, someone asked me if I was a girl or boy. Seriously, I thought the world was coming to an end. I begged my parents for a wig! Night after night, I cried myself to sleep while I waited for my hair to grow back. When it finally did, I became obsessed with maintaining long, shiny, healthy hair. Not just a little obsessed – A LOT! The obsession has lasted my entire life. Am I neurotic about my hair? I’m afraid so.

I’m convinced I’ve read every healthy hair tip that has ever been documented! I’ve been at it for over 25 years so I’m not going to share a list of 25 things to try for healthy hair. I’m not going to tell you to go grab stuff from your refrigerator either. Also, you don’t need to purchase the most expensive products! The right combination of products and tips will yield healthy hair that is shiny, strong, and beautiful.



These are the best tips I have to offer for healthy hair:


1. Know What To Look For In Hair Care Products

Despite what the bottles say, not all hair care products are great for your hair. Look for products that are free of silicones, sulfates (sulfated surfactants), parabens and dyes. For an excellent value and products containing up to 97% natural ingredients, my recommendation is the Natural Origin collection from Biotera. The products are color-safe and gentle on your hair. There are seven products in the collection, depending on your needs, and I use the Restore Shampoo and Conditioner (or Masque) in my daily routine. The Biotera Restore formula contains nutrient-rich Goji Berry and Chia Extract to help heal damaged hair. I tend to use hair masks more than conditioner and I concentrate the product on the ends of my hair. Biotera retails for $10.99 at Sally Beauty Supply which is truly a great value!



Added Bonus: Biotera’s products feature biodegradable formulas and 100% recyclable packaging.

2. Minimize Chemical Treatments, Especially Dye

If you want healthy hair, going lighter and darker every time you visit the salon is a mistake. You just have to give it up! Most hairstylists don’t tell you the profound damage that is caused during chemical processing. However, lightening your hair is the absolute worst possible thing you can do. Hair dye uses ammonia to lift the cuticle and peroxide to break down darker pigments to prepare hair to take on a lighter tone. The cuticle is sealed at the end of the process but the permanent damage is done when the cuticle is broken by ammonia. You’ve got to minimize using dyes if you want healthy hair. I only use dye to cover gray hairs. If you are using dyes, the Biotera Natural Origin products are color-safe so your color will last longer.

3. Be Extra Careful With Wet Hair

When your hair is wet, it breaks more easily. Be gentle while you shampoo and condition your hair. Before you comb your wet hair, use a product that helps detangle and offer other benefits, like additional moisture. When towel drying your hair, be very gentle to avoid breakage. Use a product such as Natural Origin collection from Biotera before combing out your hair. This leave-in spray will minimize frizz, static, and reduce tangles. When combing out wet hair, gently remove the tangles with a comb on the ends of your hair. Then comb through your hair starting from the root. Also, don’t go to sleep with wet hair. Since it’s in a more fragile state, the friction on your pillow will cause more breakage.



4. Sleep With A Silk Pillow

You’ll be surprised what a difference a silk pillow or sleeping cap will have on your hair. While cotton feels soft, it contributes to hair breakage due to increased friction. Silk pillows will minimize frizz and over time, you should notice your hair feels fuller. This is due to less breakage. You actually will be left with more hair!

5. Use Black Seed Oil

Choose a cold-pressed black seed oil. Any brand will do. I wrote an entire article about the benefits of black seed oil but to summarize, it will help maintain a healthy scalp which is essential for hair growth. Before washing your hair, massage the oil into your scalp and leave it on for an hour. This can be done once a week. Black seed oil is also known to reduce hair loss. When you find a gray hair, it didn’t turn gray, it started as a gray strand that was produced by your hair follicle. Each strand of hair has a cycle it goes through and part of that includes the loss of the stand. As the hair follicle produces a new hair, it pushes the old hair out. It is believed, black seed oil may reduce gray hair by minimizing the premature loss of hair strands which could be replaced with gray hair.



6. Rinse With Cool Water

I know this is a tough one but the more heat you expose your hair too, the more damage you cause. I’m not suggesting you use ice water on your hair but when you shampoo and condition, turn the temperature down and try a lukewarm rinse.

7. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Yes, I said that! Despite having the long tresses that I do, I only wash my hair every three days. I am one of those people with a flowery shower cap. If you wash your hair every day, it strips your hair of natural oils. Plus, your hair is more prone to breakage while it’s wet and you are likely to use more heat to dry it and style it. All this leads to damage. Find a routine that works for you where you don’t have to wash your hair each day. My routine is simple.

  • Day 1: Shampoo and Condition + Blow-dry (only) – I wear a sleek and straight hairstyle.
  • Day 2: Curling iron – I create a style using heat from my curling iron only.
  • Day 3: Loose ponytail, bun, or braid – You’d be surprised how good a messy bun looks after a couple of days of not washing your hair!

I could add some additional tips but I think they would be obvious to you. Every list will tell you to protect your hair when using heat styling tools and I think you know UV rays damage just about everything! I hope these tips I’ve shared with you are new things you can incorporate into your hair routine to achieve healthy hair. The Biotera Natural Origin products are new to the market and a salon professional line offers a high-quality alternative to Biolage® R.A.W.for less money.



You can check out the rest of the Biotera Natural Origin collection here. I’d love to know which one you plan to try!

Also, if you have some extraordinary hair tips, please share them in the comments below.