All About Curls Worked On Our Different Hair Types

When Zotos Professional approached NaturallyCurly to tell our community about their new All About Curls collection, I was very excited. Getting a new set of styling products for curly hair is one of my all-time favorite things!

I was elated to receive the entire All About Curls collection and very surprised by the variety of products:

However, I felt that this collection was going to be different, and that prompted me to think outside the box with today’s review.



Of course, I wanted to try the products myself, but I also wanted a different perspective on this new collection. That’s why I connected with one of my favorite curly hair influencers Crystal Callazo, better known as @style_dose, to get her take on the new All About Curls collection.



In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn about Crystal, her regimen, and her thoughts on the All About Curls collection. You'll also get a special in-store and online offer from Zotos Professional, the creators of your soon-to-be-favorite curly collection All About Curls. Keep reading for details!


Hi, Crystal! Will you please tell the NaturallyCurly community a little about yourself?

I’m Crystal known as style_dose on Instagram, where I share all my tips and thoughts on naturally curly hair. Creating social media content is something I enjoy doing during my free time. During the day, I’m a full-time Stylist for Century21 Department Stores.

I’m a very creative person and love having an outlet to express my creativity, which is why I love blogging...and of course to help all my awesome followers who are struggling with embracing their natural curls!

I recently entered the 30s bracket this past May, so I’m currently out here just trying to live life, gaining as much knowledge as I can and learning from all my experiences, while enjoying it all!



What’s your curl pattern? Can you share the details of your curl texture?

I have a looser spiral curl pattern. Some people may identify it as a cross between 3a and 3b hair.

Depending on what styler I use, I can have a tighter spiral curl or elongated loose curls. My hair is not thick but more on the finer side. I do tend to have high porosity hair, which is probably because my hair is often color treated.



Tell us about your styling routine.

I prefer to use gels for styling. After washing and deep conditioning, I like to split my hair into two parts, apply a leave-in conditioner, and then comb it through to make sure the product is evenly distributed. I then flip my head upside down and apply my styler using the scrunching technique. Finally, I let my hair air dry.



We’re very excited to hear your thoughts about the new All About Curls collection from Zotos Professional. Tell us which item in the new All About Curls collection did you like best and why?

I loved the All About Curls Divine Treatment! Being blonde can dry out your hair, so deep conditioners are a vital part in my hair routine. It helps add moisture to your hair, and All About Curls Divine Treatment did just that! gave my hair the perfect dose of moisture.



Will you be adding any of the All About Curls products to your Holy Grail collection?

I could totally see the All About Curls Divine Treatment and the High Definition Gel working their way into my collection!


That’s great to hear! I’m curious about your Type 3 curly hair journey? Have you always embraced your curly hair?

I have not always embraced my curly hair, it’s maybe been a little over 5 years that I finally and truly started embracing it. I used to hate wearing my hair curly, I’d straighten every chance I got. Especially for anything important like holidays, any special occasion, dates, and even interviews. I didn’t have the knowledge to style my curly hair that I do today, and that makes all the difference!



Your curls are amazing! What tricks or tips have you figured out to make them look so healthy and lustrous?

To keep my hair healthy, I deep condition at least twice a week, consistently! As for styling tips, I learned that applying your styling products onto your hair while it is soaking wet will give you the best results. You’ll have more defined and less frizzy curls!


Thanks for chatting with us today. Before we go, what words of curl wisdom do you have for new curlistas?

You have to keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight. Patience and consistency are key!

Also, you’ll have a lot of trial and error. What works for one curly girl may not work for you. Do not be discouraged, instead experiment with different products and techniques to find out what works best for you! In the end, the results make it all worth it!


Style Dose is so cool! I really enjoyed learning about her journey, and am glad that she liked the new All About Curls collection from Zotos Professional.


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What About Type 4 Curls?

Oops! I almost forgot to tell you: I too liked the collection! If you’ve been keeping up with me @gerilynhayes on Instagram, you know that I keep my hair in protective styles every quarter of the year. But there’s always a brief period when I wear my hair in its natural Type 4c coily state.

Only a few weeks ago, I needed to take down my faux locs. Typically, I use clarifying shampoos post-takedown, but I wanted to try something a little different so, I used the All About Curls No Lather Cleanser while unraveling and unbraiding the extensions. I loved the scent, and its body lotion-like consistency that made me feel like I was treating my hair strands to a super nourishing experience. Once I removed all the extensions, I washed the cleanser our my natural hair and conditioned with the Daily Cream Conditioner.

After patting my curls dry with a microfiber towel, I touched them to see if they were soft or felt crunchy. I was surprised that not only were they super soft, but they were also incredibly defined! Seeing that definition just from the cleanser and conditioner alone got me thinking: I wonder what the gel will do? Although I had to get my hair wet again, I wanted to see what would happen.

Just like Style Dose mentioned in her words of wisdom, my soaking wet curls popped as I used my fingers to evenly distribute the All About Curls Soft Definition Gel from the ends of my hair to the roots. I loved that I used about a quarter-sized amount. My coils were actually shining (and, no, I didn’t have to use hair oil)!



United We Curl!

Overall, I like that this collection worked from my coils and for Crystal’s curls. I think it’s collections like these that really can give curlies of all patterns and textures the bounce, shine, and moisture we’re looking for. I definitely have the Soft Definition Gel in my Holy Grail collection and am looking forward to my new protective style takedown routine using the cleanser and conditioner.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself!


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You’ll love the brand new All About Curls collection from Zotos Professional! The full collection has something for everyone, including:

I can’t wait to hear what you all think about this incredible collection that curlies everywhere will be raving about.

As ever, stay curly!

This post is sponsored by Zotos Professional.