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Ever scroll through someone’s social media feed and feel just a bit jealous of their killer selfie game? They might make it look easy, but the fact is, they probably put a lot of effort into capturing that perfectly effortless pose.

Lucky for you, we know all their secrets. So we’ll make you a deal: we’ll share our best advice for snapping a super-flattering selfie. All we ask is that you share the results with shots that show off your remarkable hair! Whether it’s incredible shine, a damage-defying transformation, or captivating color, show us how Zotos Professional products helped give you locks that get likes. Just tag your photos with @zotosprofessional and hashtag with the brand you used and #ZotosProfessional, and you could be featured the Zotos Professional Instagram.

Now read on to learn how to selfie like a pro!

  1. Let There Be Light
2 girls taking a selfie

In the world of selfies, it’s all about lighting, lighting, lighting. Natural indoor light or outdoor daylight always gets the best results, and can even blur imperfections when done correctly. Be sure to aim your face towards the light to avoid harsh shadows. Play around with lighting to create different moods—the lighting in your car is usually fabulous but avoid using flash and fluorescent lighting at all costs.

  1. All The Right Angles

The angle you shoot at can make all the difference. A certain famous selfie queen swears that her go-to trick is keeping her chin down and holding the camera up a bit higher than face level. Experiment with different angles, and when you find a winner, remember it so you can quickly recreate it in the future.

  1. Strike A Pose
girl in glasses taking a selfie

You don’t have to treat selfies like the typical “smile and say cheese” picture. Give it a little attitude: try some serious smolder, sneak in a subtle smirk, or even get a little silly. But just remember duck face is a definite don’t.

  1. Background Check

Do you really want to snap that perfect selfie, only to see some random stranger in the corner, or notice some dirty laundry on the floor? Pay attention to your background, and try to include interesting colors, patterns and textures when possible. Just don’t go overboard to the point where it gets busy—sometimes, simplicity is best.

  1. Prop It Up
girl with umbrella taking a selfie

Props aren’t a requirement, but they can definitely spice up an otherwise “blah” selfie. Whether it’s something you wear like a statement necklace or chic sunglasses, or something you hold (anything from an ice cream cone to a pet will do), props give you something to interact with, which can yield fun results.

  1. Multiple Choice

Taking selfies is not the time to show restraint. After all, the best thing about digital cameras is the fact that you can pretty much take unlimited pictures. So snap, snap, and snap some more—then edit later. The more you take, the better your chances of finding that one winner among 15 sleepy-eyed shots.\

  1. Cream of the Crop

It’s often better to take a wider shot, then crop later. Getting close up can be super-dramatic, especially when you want to highlight your hair—so let those locks fill up the frame. And unexpected compositions can look really striking; so if you don’t like something, cut it out!

  1. The Magic Retouch
girl with backpack taking a selfie

Most of the envy-inducing selfies you see have been retouched at least a little, so don’t be afraid to use photo-editing tools to give yours some oomph. There are tons of apps designed just for this purpose, so find one you like. But don’t go so crazy with artsy filters that your photos no longer look like you. (After all, it’s called a SELF-ie.)

  1. Get Inspired

Snoop around and check out other selfies to get ideas for your own. There are people out there who snap themselves so often, they’ve got it down to a science. So study what makes their shots so mesmerizing and use that inspiration for your next session.

  1. Let Loose
smiling woman taking a selfie

Don’t take all of this too seriously—it’s supposed to be fun. If you’re too uptight, it will show in your shots. So relax, let your hair down and be authentic. To get your best selfie, you’ve got to let your best self shine.

Now you’re ready to shoot like the best of them! So, get those locks looking flawless, grab your camera and click away. Just remember to keep up your end of the deal and share that hair by tagging your fave brand and #ZotosProfessional.

By the way, if you’re totally selfie shy, feel free to send a gorgeous flat lay of your favorite Zotos Professional products instead. (We recommend laying the products flat and shooting from above; don’t be afraid to stand on a chair.)

We can’t wait to see what you snap!