How to Achieve Pink Hair



Quarantine got me saying ‘let's make my hair pink!’ My lightener of choice is always AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond from Zotos Professional. I had to lighten my hair two times to achieve a light enough color for the pink and my hair still feels great! No elasticity or breakage.

1. Section hair into four sections.

2. Take small partings from beginning section (I usually start in the back in case I need to wash the back before the front).

3. From my small parting I weave or bounce out some of that hair and backcomb it.



4. With AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Crème Lightener+. I applied lightener to my ends first stroking up the hair. This helps create a softer look rather than a solid line for the highlights.

5. Place foil underneath newly highlighted section and either fold the foil vertically or place another flat foil on top. Whichever is easier to keep the lightener from touching the rest of the hair. Process for up to 60 minutes. Until a pale blonde is achieved. **Remember the first section starts processing first. So it’s a good idea to have a couple different timers to keep track of how long the first section has been on.

6. Shampoo, don't condition. I used Bain de Terre Purple shampoo to help counter just a little of the yellow tone.

7. Apply toner to wet hair.  In this case I used Pulp Riots rose gold toner for 10 minutes.



8. Rinse, don't shampoo. Condition! I used the Ultra Bond Deep Conditioner Treatment for 30 minutes.


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