Mama Bear Bliss At-Home Hair Makeover with AGEbeautiful

Photo of woman with dark blonde hair

Since high school, I’ve suffered from terribly damaged, thin, brittle, dehydrated, and dull hair.

In the past, I’ve settled for boxed hair dye that only accelerated the damage already done. My hair felt like straw and it quite literally looked like all the life was sucked out of it. I was desperate. I thought keeping my hair a lighter color would cover up the years worth of damage, but the bleach only made it worse. This was my hair just three days ago. Still dry, brittle, and breaking.

I recently had a conversation with my mom telling her I needed to accept that I would never have healthy hair again. It may seem like a silly thing to be upset about, but it has been one of my biggest insecurities since the ripe age of fifteen.

I’ve always loved getting my hair done. Having new hair makes me feel like a whole new person. I feel more confident, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Unfortunately, it often required expensive, prolonged salon visits and an unhappy wallet. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult, nor time-consuming. You can get a hair makeover in the comfort of your own home (and get your healthy locks back again)!

At-Home Hair Makeover with AGEbeautiful

During this busy season of motherhood, I’ve found that easy and convenient trumps difficult and time-consuming. As a mama, I know how difficult it can be to step away from your kids to spend a few hours at a salon. I recently found Zotos Professional AGEbeautful Anti-Aging hair color at Sally Beauty and absolutely LOVE the end result!

Replenishing my hair has been one of my biggest goals for years. Not only does our hair experience 5 signs of aging as time passes, but it also needs essential components that are lost with aging. I’m no expert, but with my efforts in constantly experimenting with my hair, I’ve figured out a color system that truly restores my hair. I’m not kidding – every strand feels softer and healthier. My hair feels instantly fuller, silkier, and radiates with shine – something I never thought was possible!

Throughout the years, our hair loses volume, manageability, moisture, shine and the major one – color. This is why finding a hair coloring system to replenish these essential aging signs is so important to me. I want to care for myself, my mind, my body, and my hair, in the best way possible.


AGEbeautiful anti-aging hair color is the first hair color developed to fight all 5 signs of aging in our hair. If you haven’t experienced these signs yet, there are ways you can avoid them altogether.

I can’t get over how healthy my hair looks immediately after coloring it!

This system is a powerful, yet gentle patented conditioning technology that contains melanin, keratin peptide, silk protein to bring life back to your hair. It contains essential components that our hair loses with aging, and quite frankly needsto keep our hair healthy and thriving.

When looking for a change-up in my hair color, I new I wanted to go darker. This unique formula absorbs quickly and penetrates its components deeply to deliver beautiful, rich color.


Sally Beauty has professional, permanent liquid or liquid creme hair color. They carry a variety of colors, from blonde to dark brunette, to fun colors like red, blue, and purple tones. Find a Sally Beauty retailer near you and ask an associate to help you find the color you are looking for.

AGEbeautiful can be used by applying with a bowl and brush or applicator bottle. The liquid can ONLY be applied with the applicator bottle; the liquid-crème can be applied with either the bottle and/or bowl and brush (because it is thicker). It’s a personal preference.

I used the liquid crème in 4N and really love the color! The 4N is a dark brown color. I do have to say, the color turns out darker than anticipated. The tips of my hair (as seen above) were fairly blonde and the color turned out a very dark brown. I absolutely love it, but I suggest keeping this in mind when figuring out which color you want for your hair.

I found in the past that using the liquid was just too runny for me, so this liquid crème is a great consistency. It applies smooth, easy, and gives incredible coverage!

You’ll want to purchase a liquid/liquid crème color (I used color 4N) and a developer. 99% of the time, 20 volume is the correct developer. Make sure to grab a bowl, mixing brush, applicator bottle, and don’t forget gloves! You do not want to be mixing and applying hair color without gloves, it will leave residue on your skin that can be difficult to remove. If desired, you can also pick up a leave-in conditioner that’s color-safe for washing afterwards.


Prepare your station. You’ll want to put on an old t-shirt, invest in a cape, or place a towel around your shoulders and clip the ends together to ensure no hair color gets on your clothes. Next, set your bowl and brush (or applicator bottle) on the counter. Clip 3/4 of your hair up and slip your gloves on. Apply conditioner or Vasoline to your forehead and tops of your ears to prevent color staining.

Woman looking at bottle of hair color


Mix the hair color and developer together. Measure the developer first, then add the color. Mixing ratio for most shades is 1 to 1. This means for every ounce of color, you’ll need an ounce of developer. AGEbeautiful color comes in a 2 ounce tube and the developer is a 4 ounce tube. If you have long and/or thick hair, consider purchasing two tubes of the hair color. Again, don’t forget your gloves!


Consider doing a patch test before coloring to ensure you are not allergic. Pour 2 ounces of the developer into applicator bottle or bowl (approximately ½ of the developer provided). Pour the entire 2 ounce tube of color into the same applicator bottle or bowl as you did the developer. Mix well.

Part your hair into sections. Apply color entirely to each section until you’ve completed your whole head. I used a clip and just pulled out a new section when I was finished with the previous one. Then, I just re-clipped the remaining hair back up until I needed to color a new section.

woman applying haircolor


Once you have colored every section, let the hair color sit for 30 minutes for a regular application. Another option is letting it sit for 45 minutes for 50% or more gray hair. This ensures optimal coverage.

AGEbeautiful Color does not need to be shampooed out after processing. Simply rinse, towel dry, then apply conditioner.

woman rising hair after applying haircolor

That’s it! You’re done! 

I could not be happier with my hair after using AGEbeautiful. I’ve colored my hair more times than I can count and I can honestly say there is life in my hair again! It’s silky smooth, a beautiful color, and feels healthier than it’s ever been.

Woman end result of using darker hair color

I will be recommending this to all of my family and friends! Thank you Zotos Professional and Sally Beauty for equally making me feel like a brand new woman!

If you have any questions about my at-home hair makeover, please reach out to me via the comment section or on social media. I am more than happy giving you tips from my experience so you can achieve the same silky smooth hair!

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