rachel in pink shirt

It’s an exciting time in hair color!  We now have the tools that the pro’s use available to everyone, so how can we apply like a professional to have those salon-sexy results?

Cozy Chic Mommy - Rachel is a busy woman on the go, juggling a successful blog with being a full-time Mom of 3.  She is happy with her current base color but wants to enliven it a touch, adding bold brightness concentrating on the ends of the hair.  AGEbeautiful Artistic Director Mike Petrizzi to the rescue!

“Adding lightness to the ends of the hair in a beachy, soft way is a lot easier than you think!  Once you’re armed with a solid technique, your confidence will soar and you’ll want to dive even deeper into the magical world of DIY color.”  Mike expertly adds.


  • 4oz AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener
  • 4oz AGEbeautiful 40 Volume Developer
  • Metal or Plastic Tail Comb
  • Clips
  • Color bowl
  • Tint brush
  • Gloves

1. Measure out your lightening formula, equal parts of developer to lightener is about standard but you can adjust to achieve the consistency you like. Mike prefers a whipped-cream like frothy mixture.

2. Using your tail comb, start by sectioning your hair into quadrants. Do one from the natural parting all the way back to the nape of your head.  Now cross through that section, going from ear-to-ear.

3. Section away a small triangle in an interior section (for example above or around the ear, a few inches from your front hairline. Take that section and pull away from head so you can see it in mirror. Put a small amount of product onto your brush and apply to the middle of the hair shaft.  Drag the product down the hair shaft, adding more product to brush when needed, saturating those ends.

4. Once the mids and ends are saturated, take a small amount of product onto brush and draw a fine line from where you started application (in the middle of the hair shaft) and bring that line towards the root area, repeat another line on the other side of the hair, leaving an absence of color in the middle section of that area.

5. Repeat this approach throughout the head.

MIKE’S PRO TIP:  “Start with a few small ones to gain some practice and see how the results come out.  You can always go back and add more, while trying to erase too-much lightness is a whole other ball game.”

6. Once application is complete, allow the color to process to a little lighter than you want as the final result.
MIKE’S PRO TIP:  “You always want to shoot a touch lighter than your desired finished look, as the color on the hair makes it look lighter than it will actually be and this helps to avoid brassy tones in the end.”