PostPartum Hair Loss (Shedding) & Regrowth


Fair warning new mama: That lustrous mane of hair that you’ve grown to love these past nine months may change by the time your little one hits the six month mark. Although not all postpartum moms will have hair loss, it is very common to have some, and as long as you know what to expect you can be prepared rather than surprised.

During pregnancy the increase in hormones promotes hair growth and rather than shed hair as we normally would, our bodies hold onto that hair. After birth and as our hormones change once again (cue the waterworks) we tend to shed all that hair that we held onto. Hello face framing baby hairs.

No reason to fret though, this postpartum change is temporary. With hair loss peaking around the three month mark, you should start to see new hair growth right after. All though it is a bit of a waiting game, thankfully there are some ways to speed up the process to promote regrowth.



  • Start by using a strengthening and restorative shampoo and conditioner followed by a leave in conditioner. Try: Biotera Natural Origin Restore Line. Fortified with Goji Berry and Chia extract this line will give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy.
  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamins to be sure your body continues to get all if the nutrients it needs. Biotin can also be added in if needed.
  • Add a good sprinkle of ground flaxseed to your food. Mixed into oatmeal, topped on eggs, tossed on a stirfry, this powerhouse seed is great to add shine and strength back to your hair.
  • Enjoy this smoothie recipe a few times a week to feed your hair key vitamins and nutrients:


Elle’s Postpartum Smoothie

1tsp. Flax Seed Oil

1 Frozen Banana

1C. Spinach

1/4C. Walnuts

Tsp. Chia Seeds

1/2C. Wild Blueberries

1/4C. Oats

Pour almond milk over and blend to desired consistency.


  • Take a moment to give yourself a stimulating scalp massage in the shower to promote blood flow to the scalp.
  • Let your hair air dry and use products that nourish the hair to avoid any unnecessary heat. Who has time for that anyway!? If you have even a slight wave in your hair, try Biotera Alcohol Free Styling Mousse to give your hair moisture and shine. Apply to damp hair and scrunch in to play up any texture in your hair. Simply air dry after.
  • Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase to avoid any hair breakage. After all, a new mama deserves all the extra love she can get.
  • In the meantime get yourself a cute headband to hide any of the new hairs sprouting up. If that doesn’t do the trick and your new postpartum regrowth has made a mess of your hairline, talk to your stylist about cutting a new fringe to blend in and hide any baby hairs. After all, a new look could be just what this new mama needs.


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