There’s nothing like a summer synergy.

Whether it’s landing the best table at the restaurant just in time for al fresco sunset, having your bike ride lead you to an outdoor showing of your favorite movie or even getting that well deserved siesta right before the kids get back from camp.

There is something about that summer magic when everything just seems to be lining up.

The salon synergy this season has been spectacular.

We are now utilizing some of the most innovative techniques and are armed with groundbreaking products that are nothing short of extraordinary. All coming together as we prepare for the influx of clients wanting to be lightened, brightened and their own version of beachy blonde.

This season I have been having a lot of fun with two techniques that are super easy to work into your regime and can be customized to your unique clientele.

Deborah came to us on a recent shoot with warm blonde hair that was an excellent base color for some bits of beachy brightening.  She exemplifies one of my favorite methods for summer highlights…

First up mix some AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener with 40 Volume into a whipped cream like consistency in a bowl.

Now here’s the move that I love after a day in the sun…

Stand back and look at the hair.  Decide where would the sun naturally place those brighter pieces.  If you look closely you may see where the sun has already begun some of the work for you.

Grab that piece in about a one inch section.   Section away the remaining hair.  Back comb some hair towards the rootline for even more diffusion.  Now apply to the mid lengths of the hair and saturate the ends.  Paint upwards towards the roots in a V-shape, tapering off of the saturation towards the base.

Repeat throughout the head.

Process to the desired color. (For Deborah we lifted to palest yellow).

Rinse, shampoo and condition with 180PRO Moisture Shampoo and conditioner.

Make sure to give the hair a moisture and strengthening treatment like 180PRO Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator Treatment…

Because what’s the point of having the perfect blonde if it’s broken on the ground?

AGEbeautiful TopCoat Toners have debuted to acclaim, especially with the every growing popularity of free-hand balayage that needs powerful brass banishing.

In the salon I’ve had a lot of fun incorporating these toners into my daily routine.

One of my most popular techniques this season is for that dark blonde highlight that wants a bright, sophisticated result with zero brass.

First up is to prelighten the hair.

I have been doing a melange of both free-hand painting with precision foiling.  (I love placing a few pivotal foil pieces and then going in between and adding those sexy, diffused balayage bits in between)

Process to a pale yellow, rinse, shampoo and lightly condition the ends of the hair.

Apply TopCoat Toner in SilverAsh with 20 Volume at the root area and smudge down to about two to three inches down the hair shaft.

Then apply TopCoat Toner in Beige Blone with 20 Volume to the remaining mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

Process for 20 minutes.

Rinse, shampoo and condition.

The SilverAsh will give you a controlled slightly deeper root area as you melt into a softer, brighter blonde on the ends of the hair.  All with zero brass.

Now that you’re in the know of some of this summer’s best ways to blonde… what are you waiting for?  Get out there and brighten someone’s day in the way only you can!

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