The Top 5 Autumn Hair Color Trends

Summer is over, and it's time to refresh your hair color!

It's time to make a statement, add depth and dimension, and try out a new look. AGEbeautiful hair color is the perfect choice to achieve your hair color goals.  Explore our top hair color trends and elevate your hair game.

Face-framing Streaks

Woman with money piece highlighted hair color

Face-framing highlights, also known as the money piece, are a stylish way to achieve glamourous hair.

These gentle highlights can add dimension and brightness by bringing out your best features. Face-framing streaks add dimension to long hair by creating contrasting pieces of color. This look will strategically draw attention to your eyes. This fun, fashion-forward trend can spice up your hair look no matter how bold you choose to go with the color.

Are you thinking of highlighting your hair?  Visit DIY University by Sally Beauty and watch our AGEbeautiful Highlights tutorial by Mike Petrizzi, and be sure to pick up AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener and 40 Volume Gentle Crème Developer to recreate the look.

Winterizing Your Shade

As summer's end is approaching and the colder months are just around the corner, you may be ready to winterize your look. Winterize your hair by ditching the summer highlights for darker hair with more body.

Autumn Trend Hair Model depicting lowlight hair color trend

Salon Professional tip:
Add rich color to those dull, faded summer highlights with a deep golden blonde shade.

2oz. 60ml AGEbeautiful permanent liqui-crème 8G
+ 2oz/60ml AGEbeautiful 10 volume developer.

For super blondes, you can add in darker shades of blonde or brunette to deepen your hair color. Lowlights are especially great for faking some extra volume in your hair for the fall and winter seasons. Adding contrasting browns, golds, and amber reds can create the same volumizing and deepening effect on your hair for brunettes.

Salon Professional tip:
Rich golden lowlights give just the right amount of contrastto really showcase those light blonde highlights.
Weave out fine sections of hair to apply lowlight formula of 2oz/60ml AgeBeautiful permanent liqui-crème 6G + 2oz/60ml of 10 volume AgeBeautiful developer.

Rich Brown Balayage

When it comes to being a natural brunette, you may be hesitant to make a drastic switch to blonde, black, or red. Brown balayage is a great option for refreshing your color for a more exciting yet still natural look. Whether light caramel or darker chocolate shades, brown balayage creates a pop of contrast and dimension in your hair in a perfectly subtle style.

Woman shopping with brown balayage

Salon Professional tip:
Create Soft Butterscotch dimension in dark brown hair with Balayage formula.
2oz/60ml Ultra Bond™ Hyper Lift+ Ash Creme Color shade + 4 oz/120ml  Ultra Bond™ 40 volume developer.

AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Hyper lift Crème Color + has all the shades you need to achieve your brown balayage dreams.

Auburn & Red

There is no better time to be rocking auburn and reds than in the fall and winter season! Your red hair for fall will look just as great in your selfies in the apple orchard as your holiday greeting cards.

Salon Professional tip:
Create the warmest Strawberry tones with:
2oz/60ml AGEbeautiful 7RC Dark Strawberry Blonde permanent Liqui-crème + 2oz/60ml AGEbeautiful 20 volume developer.

Red-brown mixes are becoming a stand-out trend for this season with the ability to go as bold as you want. Whether it's a vibrant pop or a subtle blend, this color trend is sure to elevate your hair game.

Red hair dye applied to long hair against a blue background.

Salon Professional tip:
Turn up the heat by adding a little AGEbeautiful Light Intense 6RR Red permanent liquid-crème to AGEbeautiful 7RC Dark Strawberry Blonde permanent Liqui-crème.Formula: 2oz/60ml AGEbeautiful 7RC Dark Strawberry Blonde permanent liquid-crème + 1oz/30ml AGEbeautiful light Intense 6RR Red permanent liquid-crème + 3oz/90ml AGEbeautiful 20 volume developer.


Blue Crush

While we saw the hot pink hair color trend take over the spring/summer season, we are ready to switch to cool bold blues for the season ahead. Blue hair shades complement pale and tan skin tones alike, making it the perfect eye-catching style for spicing up your look. Even adding in streaks of blue to your natural hair color will make for a trendy and statement-making style.

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