Elle Bradford and her ❤LOVE❤ for 180PRO


For as long as I’ve been on social media, the most popular question I receive has always  been, how do you take care of your hair? An incredibly flattering and gratifying question as my hair is a part of me that I am quite proud of. To me, my hair is a lot more than just hair. In a way it’s a reminder of my Spanish roots, and a reminder of my beautiful mother who passed her hair genes down to me!


I think a lot of us don’t know how to properly care for our hair, so we find ourselves blaming genetics for problems that can easily be avoided or repaired. Myself included! I used to swear I had “bad” hair, “thin” hair, “dry” hair… Pretty much just about every negative word you could apply before hair, I did! But I didn’t have BAD hair, instead I had ABUSED hair, lol. I’ve been bleaching on and off since the age of thirteen. My hair has been just about every color under the sun. I’ve burnt my hair, I’ve ripped my hair, I have even shaved my hair! That’s a story for another day ;-). I guess you could say we were frienemies back then.

And it wasn’t until my later teenage years that I actually started to care a lot more for the actual HEALTH of my hair. Shame on me, I know. I’ve since apologized and we’ve made amends. So in 2015, I swore to never damage my hair again and I stopped almost all chemical treatments including bleaching and coloring. Back then I probably had no more than eight inches of hair.

For two whole years I put my hair through as little stress as possible, with the exception of the occasional  blow dry, and curling rod. And in two years my hair grew really long, and most importantly, really strong! This gave me the confidence to dip my toes into the hair coloring pool once again. Two years of strengthening, and boredom. Despite having beautifully long and strong hair brown hair, I found myself incredibly bored and constantly dreaming about going lighter.
So then last April while visiting my mother-in-law, after being awake for almost 24 hours due to jet lag, I finally built up the courage and made my way to the nearest salon. I had mostly virgin hair so I figured I would be able to achieve the beautiful balayage sun-kissed blonde I’d been daydreaming about for months without putting too much stress on my hair, and with the expertise of a great stylist.

Needless to say I walked out of there with cheaply done, uneven, string highlights. And dry, very dry, damaged hair. It was so bad that I had to stop myself from running to the local CVS and pouring a brown box color dye on my hair. Despite the awful salon experience, I knew I was the only person at fault for not researching the salon and making sure that they used quality products on my hair.

A few weeks later I had an amazing stylist correct the color, but the texture had been so badly affected that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to restore it without cutting off at least 6-7 inches. Oh, did I mention I am allergic to haircuts lol? I figured I’d wait a few more weeks and try just about every treatment under the sun before chopping off these locks I had worked so hard for over the past few years. I probably tested about $1,000 worth of different hair treatments from Sephora and other beauty retailers that made little to no difference. This was around the time I discovered 180PRO hair care and started testing out several of their products.


Through several weeks of testing, I quickly started to notice a big difference in my hair whenever I would use the 180PRO Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator Treatment. Not only did my hair feel stronger, and was breaking less and less as the days went by, but the actual SHINE to my hair was starting to come back. That natural virgin hair shine that often goes away when we bleach hair. By about the fourth week of using the Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator (MRDE) I basically stopped seeing any breakage from all the bleaching that I had done going blonde. The results were so amazing that it felt like I was almost turning back time on all the damage that I had done.


You guys have seen me rave about this product a million times on my social platforms. It’s made it’s way to my monthly favorites so many times. Just this past month as a matter of fact! And it’s because I still have not found something that works as great for my hair. I’m all about results and the MRDE has not let me down. I still use it weekly after every wash! I have about 3 bottles in my bathroom because I wouldn’t dream of blow drying and curling my hair without it.

It’s an extra layer of protection, and restoration that I think everyone should have in their routine. And it fits perfectly into my lifestyle because I really don’t have 5-25 minutes to dedicate to a hair mask several times a week. This is why I love the MRDE so much! I can wash my hair, towel dry it, and  pump some of this bad boy into my hands and evenly spread it through my hair in under 10 minutes!

So now you guys know a little more about my hair story, and why I will probably continue to rave about the Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator for long to come. 😉

This is the only hair product I have ever recommended to almost every friend, and have gifted to my sisters and mom. I really can’t recommend it enough. One day when I am ruler of the galaxy, I’ll make sure everyone has a lifetime supply, don’t you worry. But for the time being, you can easily pick one of these bad boys up at any Sally Beauty Supply and Sally’s online!
Elle Bradford is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer.  Follow her on Instagram @ellebradford