Frequently Asked Questions

For questions or product recommendations, please call the Zotos Professional technical support hotline at 1-800-242-9283 or connect with one of our professional stylists using Live Chat.


How do I know what texture product I should use?

Base your decision on the porosity of the hair and the desired end result by using our perm guides. The products are listed at the top and below each is the type of chemistry and the curl end result. The bulk of the guide is everything you need to know about how to use the product and what to expect.

If my client comes in and has already shampooed her hair is it necessary for me to re-shampoo?

Yes, your client may have used a conditioning shampoo that could leave a residue. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo prior to a texture service to remove any residue that may be on the hair.

I wrap with a lot of water. Will this harm my texture service?

Yes, the amount of water left in the hair prior to solution application could dilute the solution, therefore not breaking down enough bonds to create the desired result. Hair should be damp, not soaking wet, when wrapping. If you wrap with a lot of water, towel blot with a paper towel before applying the solution.

How much tension is required when wrapping?

When wrapping Zotos Acid, Alkaline or Exothermic perms, a minimal amount of tension is required. There should be room for the hair to expand. With newer technologies such as Ammonia- Free or Thio-Free perms, more tension is required.

Are end wraps provided with each perm?

No, they are sold separately.

Do I have to add the entire Activator when using an Acid Wave?

Yes, the Activator is the part of the solution mixture that breaks the bonds and makes the texture service work. Be sure to mix the Activator and the Solution thoroughly to ensure even distribution.

How much solution do I need?

Every head is different and depends on the length, density and porosity of the hair. To ensure proper application:

  • Open the bottle with a pin rather than cutting with a scissor (this allows better control).
  • Apply slowly and evenly allowing the hair to absorb.
  • When the hair is wet and shiny, stop applying. The hair is full and can’t hold any more.

Do I have to use the processing cap if the room is warm and there aren’t any drafts?

Yes, the processing cap creates the perfect environment for the chemicals to process. It keeps the moisture “In” and the air “Out”. When the chemicals come in contact with the air it slows down the process. Make sure processing cap is airtight.

Do I always take a test curl when perming?

Always follow manufacturer’s directions. Never take a “Test Curl” on a “No Test Curl” perm, this will interrupt the perm processing. As long as proper chemistry was chosen for the porosity of the hair, the timing will be perfect.

How do I determine if the solution is completely rinsed from the hair?

There are many ways:

  • Watch the water in the sink as you are rinsing, if it is cloudy the solution is still in the hair (when water is clear the solution is out).
  • Feel the hair. If it is slippery the solution is still in the hair.
  • Smell the hair. If there is still a perm or ammonia fragrance, continue rinsing with warm water. As a guide, rinse 5 minutes for chin length hair. For every additional inch of length, add another minute to rinsing.



What are the 5 signs of aging hair and the AGEbeautiful Hair Color results?

  1. thinning: instantly fuller and thicker hair
  2. wiry gray: dramatically softer, more manageable hair
  3. turning gray: 100% gray coverage for up to 8 weeks
  4. dryness: significantly more conditioned hair
  5. dullness: visibly more radiant, shiny hair

Is it just for mature hair?

AGEbeautiful was specifically designed for mature hair (35 years or older) experiencing any of the 5 signs of aging hair, but it will provide rich, natural-looking color to all hair types and age groups.

Can color be used on permed hair?

Absolutely! Just ensure that it has been at least one week since the perm was performed before coloring the hair.

Can color be used on straightened hair?

First check with the manufacturer of the straightener. If their answer is yes, just ensure that it has been at least one week since the straightening service was performed before coloring the hair.

Can AGEbeautiful hair color be used on men?

Of course! After all, male hair ages, too. It is completely safe for use on men.

What is the shelf life of unopened hair color, or how long is it good for?

It is good for 3 years, so stock up when there’s a sale! Just remember to store it in a cool, dark place, and remember to never store opened, mixed color, as it will explode!

Why does AGEbeautiful hair color contain Biotin?

Now with Biotin, our professional hair color formula helps to nourish and fortify the fibers for fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair*. * when used as directed

Will AGEbeautiful hair color give me better results than boxed color?

Yes! We use professional hair dye formulas for better gray coverage than boxed color. Plus, our unique anti-aging formula with melanin, keratin peptides, and silk proteins replenishes the hair with essential components that are lost with aging. Hair feels instantly fuller, silkier, and radiates with dimensional shine.

Is AGEbeautiful hair color tested on animals?

No, Zotos Professional does not use animal tests to confirm the safety of Zotos Professional products. Safety of Zotos Professional products is assured by using safe raw materials and where applicable, confirming safety by testing via patch tests with human volunteers under a physician’s supervision and using non-animal alternative tests.

Why does the packaging on AGEbeautiful look different?

In celebration of AGEbeautiful’s 10th birthday, we’ve upgraded our packaging and formula. Now with Biotin, our professional hair color formula helps to nourish and fortify the fibers for fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair*. The new packaging, with unique swatches, makes it easy to navigate for accurate shade selection. * when used as directed

Is the AGEbeautiful formula still the same?

AGEbeautiful anti-aging hair color still replenishes hair with the essential components that are lost with aging and provides 100% gray coverage with rich dimensional color. Now with Biotin, our professional hair color formula helps to nourish and fortify the fibers for fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair*. * when used as directed

Is my shade still the same?

Yes! The shade results are still the same professional, radiant shades as the old AGEbeautiful formula that you love.


How to know which shade to select?

Choose a shade that is 1 or 2 levels lighter than the desired color. If hair has been previously colored, apply to the root area ONLY. Always follow directions for proper timing.

How to make sure hair color doesn’t turn out brassy, too red/orange or yellow?

Apply a neutral or cool tone in the same level as the desired color and check color development every 10 minutes.

When do I use Topcoat Toners?

Topcoat Toners are for use after pre-lightening or highlighting hair to neutralize unwanted brassiness for a polished finish

How to make sure hair color doesn’t turn out with green, blue or purple tones?

Use a warm shade in the same level as desired color and reapply. Check every 10 minutes for color development as it may process quickly.

How to avoid roots turning out too light?

Use a neutral shade in the same level as the ends and apply to the root area to soften the vibrancy.


What tools are needed to color hair with AGEbeautiful?

You’ll need an applicator bottle, gloves, AGEbeautiful hair color in the desired shade, and a bottle of developer. (All of these items can be found at Sally Beauty stores or at The volume of developer you choose will depend on how many levels of color you want to lift. See our “How to Color” area for guidance.


What’s the first step in applying color?

Start where your client’s hair is most gray and most resistant to hair color. By applying to these areas first, you are allowing the color to penetrate deeply and ensuring maximum gray coverage. Then apply color to the re-growth area by parting hair down the middle and applying the color mixture to the client’s roots. Separate your hair into 1/8” sections and continue applying the color to the roots only. See the instruction insert for proper timing and further details.

Is color applied to wet or dry hair?

Hair should be dry.

When to start timing?

Start timing after the application is finished. Try to apply the color in 10 minutes or less.

Should a bowl and brush or an applicator bottle be used to apply color?

If using liqui-crème color, it’s your preference! Use whichever method works best for you, as the consistency of the mixed color is very versatile. The most important thing is having control over where you apply the color for best results. If you’re using liquid hair color, use a bottle, as the thinner viscosity was specifically formulated for bottle application.

How to make sure hair color stays deep, rich and vibrant?

Use a lower volume developer (i.e. 20 volume). Process according to the maximum timing. Five minutes before the timer goes off, slightly mist your client’s hair with Zotos Porosity Equalizer and pull color through to the ends. Recommend that your client follows up by using color-preserving haircare products, which are formulated for chemically or color-treated hair.

How to make sure hair color is even?

Advise your client to use a deep cleansing shampoo a week before color application. Lightly spray the client’s hair immediately before color application with Zotos Porosity Equalizer, which is a leave-in treatment that helps provide more even results.

I want to be sure I cover all gray hair. What should I do?

For the deepest, richest color choose an AGEbeautiful shade in the same level as the brand your client typically uses. So, if the client typically uses 6N, select 6N in AGEbeautiful. Increase your processing time and use a 20-volume developer. Apply in thin, fine, 1/8”partings so hair is thoroughly saturated.


Can you mix the permanent liqui-crème and the permanent liquid color?

No, we do not recommend mixing liqui-crème and liquid colors, which may result in a poorly mixed consistency.

If I use half a bottle of liquid hair color, can I save the other half for a later application?

No, we do not recommend saving opened bottles of liquid hair color. Once opened the color can oxidize, which can affect the color performance.

What is the difference between NN and N shades?

NN shades are more opaque for ultimate coverage of even the most resistant grays.


Can I use Intense Lift on hair that has been previously color-treated or highlighted?

No, Intense Lift can only be used on dark, natural, virgin hair. It is not recommended to be used on previously colored, bleached, relaxed or predominantly gray hair.

What developer do I use?

Intense Lift should be used with 30-volume developer ONLY.

Does Intense Lift cover gray 100%?

No. It lightens for gray blending.

How is Intense Lift different from the regular AGEbeautiful permanent color?

Intense Lift is a breakthrough, lower ammonia lifting formula* for dark hair. Its bleach-free lightening lifts dark hair up to 4 levels in just one step without brassiness. * vs. AGEbeautiful high-lift shades

What are the instructions for applying Intense Lift?

Saturate the lengths and ends of hair, avoiding the root area, and let process for 15 minutes. Then apply to the root area and process for an additional 30 minutes. Total timing: 45 minutes. Rinse with warm water, shampoo and condition.


How long does a demi permanent last?

Demi Permanent typically last 4-8 weeks, depending on the condition of hair and amount of shampoos.

What is the difference between a demi and permanent color?

Demi is gentle, deposit only and gradually fades back to natural hair color. Permanent will darken or lighten by altering the natural hair pigment.

When do I use a demi permanent vs permanent color?

Demi is a good choice for first-time color, blending gray, refreshing color after a straightener, softener or perm or between color retouches, cooling down brassiness, or livening up highlights. It’s also perfect for men’s hair color services.

Do the demi shades match the permanent shades?

Yes. You can use permanent color at the root area and demi on the shaft and ends to add richness and brilliance to hair color all in one step!

What developer do I use? What happens if I don’t use the dedicated developer?

No other developer should be mixed with AGEbeautiful demi colors. AGEbeautiful Demi Developer will not cause any lift. It has been specially formulated to create damage-free results, leaving your clients’ hair in great condition.

Does demi cover gray 100%?

No. It provides gray blending and adds shine.

How do I determine whether I should use a demi or permanent color?

Use demi color whenever lift is NOT necessary:

  • To blend away gray and create a soft, subtle, natural color result
  • To enhance or deepen tone
  • To refresh color treated hair
  • To add shine

What does the CLEAR shade do? Can I use it on color-treated hair? On natural hair?

Yes, you can use Demi Clear on natural hair and on top of permanent or demi permanent color for brilliant shine! Tip: Add Clear to prevent porous ends from going too dark. It helps to seal color treated hair and adds protection from UV rays. Be creative and mix with demi shades to customize the level, i.e. soft red or light yellow. Natural Hair: Adds conditioning, shine and brings out the brilliant tones of the natural hair color. It also adds protection from UV rays.

Does demi lift or lighten color?



How do I choose the Root Touch-Up Spray shade that best matches my hair color?

Choose the right shade with our comparison chart.

How do I apply Root Touch-Up Spray for the most even gray coverage?

See our how-to video.


What developer to use with High Lift?

2oz high lift blonde with 4oz AGEbeautiful 40 Volume developer for best results.

What developer to use with Intense Lift?

30 Volume Developer ONLY.

What developer to use with Demi Permanent?

Demi Permanent Dedicated Developer.

What developer to use with Permanent color?

What developer to use with Crème Lightener?

What developer to use with Topcoat Toner?


Which curl types are your products best suited for?

All About Curls is designed for naturally curly hair regardless of texture or tone. While our Deluxe Moisture line is created for extra thirty curls which often correspond to very and super curly types (3a-4c), they can also work equally well on type 2 curls.

Are there silicones, parabens or SLS/SLES sulfates* in your products?

All About Curls products do not contain any silicones, parabens or SLS/SLES sulfates*, giving you your ideal nourished, defined and de-frizzed curls.

* SLS/SLES Sulfates = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Are your products color-safe?

Yes, All About Curls products have been tested to be safe for color-treated hair.

Are any of your products vegan?

The following products are considered vegan by design: No-Lather Cleanser, Divine Treatment, High Definition Gel, Soft Definition Gel, Boosting Foam and Bouncy Cream. Our Daily Cream Conditioner and the Lo-Lather Cleanser contain honey and therefore cannot be classified as vegan.

Are your formulas cruelty-free?

We do not test any of our products on animals and consider our formulas to be cruelty-free.

Do All About Curls Products Contain Animal byproducts or Animal Ingredients?

There are no animal ingredients or animal byproducts in All About Curls products except Daily Cream Conditioner and the Lo-Lather Cleanser contain honey.

Are All About Curls Products tested on Animals?

All About Curls products are NOT tested on animals. We test all our products on people, in our test salon!

Do your products contain Isopropyl Alcohol?

A very small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol is present as a solvent in one of our key conditioning agents called “Behentrimonium Chloride” which is awesome for curly girls – it gives slip that prevents tangling, it makes hair soft and shiny and we love this ingredient. Because the alcohol is merely a solvent, the majority of it flushes out during processing. By the time the products are made and bottled, it is present at a low, insignificant level, and does not contribute to hair dryness – nor decrease the moisturization and de-frizzing properties of the products. The labeling rules require us to disclose all ingredients and we know that other companies may list Behentrimonium Chloride without mentioning Isopropyl Alcohol – but we are transparent! This ingredient is present in our No Lather Cleanser, Daily Cream Conditioner and Divine Treatment. We know you are going to love AAC products and they will not feel drying on your hair.

Where can I buy All About Curls products?

All About Curls is currently sold at Sally Beauty and Amazon. For a location near you or to purchase online please visit or Amazon.

Where can I purchase All About Curls products outside the US?

All About Curls products are currently available in the U.S. and Canada only at this time. For a location nearest you, please visit and check back with us periodically for updates as our distribution continues to expand. You can also find All About Curls products on Amazon.

What is the difference between No-Lather and Lo-Lather Cleansers? How do I decide which one best for me?

The No-Lather cleanser is a moisturizing, non-lathering cleanser, free of SLS/SLES sulfates* silicones and parabens, that infuses curls with the essential moisture they crave while gently removing build-up from the scalp. This cleanser is great on all naturally curly types and tighter curls love it. The Lo-Lather cleanser is a mild-lathering gel cleanser, free of SLS/SLES sulfates*, silicones and parabens, that thoroughly yet gently removes build-up without taking away essential moisture that curls crave. This can be used in conjunction with the No-Lather Cleanser on alternate wash days when seeking more lather. This cleanser is great on all naturally curly types and waves and loose curls love it.

What is the difference between High Definition Gel and Soft Definition Gel? How do I decide which one is best for me?

The Soft Definition Gel provides a lighter hold for those curls seeking crunchless flexibility for soft de-frizzed curls. The High Definition Gel provides a stronger hold for those curls seeking crunchless control for ultra-defined and de-frizzed curls.

Can the Divine Treatment be used longer than 15 minutes?

You can leave the deep conditioner on longer (for up to 15 minutes). This is “peak” conditioning level timing – any longer won’t benefit the hair any further. Here’s some additional tips to get the best results from the conditioner: Remove as much excess water from the hair as possible prior to applying the conditioner. You can use a plastic cap/wrap to “seal in body heat” that warms the conditioner. If available – A hot towel can be used on top of the plastic cap to provide even more warmth and conditioning penetration.

Do your Deluxe Moisture products contain alcohol?

All of our Deluxe Moisture products, with the exception of our Curls For Days Finishing Spray, do not contain drying alcohol.

Where are All About Curls products made?

All About Curls products are proudly made in the USA at our near zero waste manufacturing facility in upstate Geneva, New York.

What is the difference between the Daily Conditioner and the Quenched Conditioner?

Our Quenched Conditioner was formulated with an extra dose of moisture so it would be ideal for dry, extra-thirsty curls.

What is the difference between the Bouncy Cream and the Taming Cream?

The Taming Cream was formulated for extra-thirsty curls and has more moisture and hold than our Bouncy Cream.

Do your products contain glycerin?

Glycerin is a humectant, which means it pulls moisture from the surrounding environment to add moisture to your hair. When the surrounding environment is very wet, the glycerin can absorbs moisture.