How to Color Hair with KUUL

STEP ONE: Pre-lighten Hair

Tools Needed

  • KUUL Powder Bleach
  • KUUL 20 & 40 Volume Developer
  • Clips, gloves, towels, cape
  • Non-metallic bowl & brush
  • Timer

Off-Scalp Application:

  1. Mix one scoop of Powder Bleach with 3 oz of 40 Volume Developer
  2. Section hair into 4 quadrants from front to back and ear-to-ear.
  3. Starting in one back section, take ½” horizontal partings and apply bleach half an inch from the scalp to the ends. Work towards the top of the head, then repeat on second back section.
  4. On the front sections, start at the bottom and work towards the top of the head in the same format.
  5. Leave on up to 40 minutes, checking lift every 10 minutes looking for a pale-yellow coloration.
  6. Bleach may need to be applied a second time if color has not lifted high enough.
  7. Shampoo and dry the hair prior to the second application, if necessary.
  8. Use same mixing ratios but change the developer to 20 Volume for second off-scalp application.

On-Scalp Application:
** DO NOT USE 30 Volume or 40 Volume Developer for On-Scalp Applications **

  1. Remix Powder Bleach with 20 Volume Developer and apply to the scalp area using the same ½” horizontal partings.
  2. Lift to pale-yellow stage.
    • Can process up to 75 minutes with the 20 Volume, if needed.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  4. Shampoo and dry the hair completely prior to applying KUUL Funny Color.

STEP TWO: Vibrant Hair Color

Tools Needed

  • KUUL Semi-Permanent Violet
  • Clips, gloves, bowl & brush, towels, cape
  • Barrier Cream (Conditioner)
  • Timer
  1. Apply barrier cream (conditioner) around the hairline to avoid staining the skin.
  2. Squeeze color into bowl, no mixing required.
  3. Section into 4 quadrants as previously described.
  4. Apply color from scalp to ends in ½” horizontal sections, avoiding the skin and scalp.
  5. Process up to 45 minutes for maximum durability.
  6. Lightly shampoo, rinse until water runs clear. Apply a light conditioner, rinse, towel dry and style.