Isn’t this just the best time of year?

Summer always evokes a feeling of frolicking carefree on the beach, drinking sun-soaked spritzers and beachy tousled waves that look effortless and super sexy. My clients and I are known to escape to the beach as much as possible during these magical days, so I have come up with the perfect way to keep their color fresh while we all saturate ourselves in the summer days…

Custom colored clip-in extensions.

These super versatile hair savers not only add vibrant pops of whatever color you crave but also pump up the volume, length and texture. Best part: they are remarkably easy to do!
What you’ll need:

Mermaid Blonde Formula:

* Pro Tip: Experiment with other fun shades like the NEW AGEbeautiful Shades of Intrigue Collection in vibrant violets, reds, and indigos.

DIY Step-by-Step:

  1. Mix 1 oz. AGEbeautiful Clear Shine with a quarter sized amount of AGEbeautiful 3B in a bowl. The more Clear Shine you add, the more pastel your results.
  2. Begin applying color with brush to just immediate root area of the extensions and work it down the hair about half an inch to one inch.
  3. Keep adding more Clear Shine with equal parts of Demi Developer to your bowl and brush down the hair lengths.
  4. Once application is complete, allow to process for 20 minutes.
  5. Once dry, clip the extensions into sectioned off hair in rows starting at the back of your head. Then, do a quick power dry to smooth the hair.
  6. Using a curling iron, add barrel curls throughout your head. Flip your head over and blast with a nice finishing spray for hold.
  7. Shake your hair for a loose, beachy, mermaid effect.

The best part? We both get more time to have our feet in the sand and the sun on our skin… Speaking of, there’s something about staring at the expansive blue ocean that makes this man feel a strong sense of wanderlust…

I wonder how Capri is this time of year?