The Holidays are often filled with errands, airports, and stress. Here’s your friendly reminder to squeeze in some festive fun this season! Enjoy my Holi-’Do hairspiration with a little help from 180PRO.

Life of the Par-tree
Get ready for a party in your hair! I promise this Christmas tree Holi-’Do isn’t as challenging as it looks.

Just spray 180PRO’s TEASEless Volumizing Powder Shake in sections to give your roots volume without having to backcomb. Put an empty water bottle and cover it using your hair, spraying with 180PRO’s Flawless Finisher Hairspray as you go. Secure the bottle on your head with a rubber band on top and add a decorative star. Then hook the ornaments onto your hair using real metal ornament hangers. Party time!

Who knows? If you rock this Holi-’Do hairstyle to your Christmas party maybe your boss will think you deserve a raise? Bosses love overachievers.

Remarkable Reindeer
Why should Rudolph get all the glory? You know you do just as much work as him! This reindeer Holi-’Do was one of the simplest styles I attempted, and a perfect style to try on your kids.

All you do is put your hair in a low sock bun and add a red nose in the center of the bun. I taped the two eyes onto bobby pins and stuck into the bun along with brown pipe cleaners.

180PRO’s Flawless Finisher Hairspray was key for this Holi-’Do! I used the spray to tuck away all those flyaway hairs for a sleek bun look. I’ll admit the Flawless Finisher has been one of my must-have hair products for years!

Superstar of David
This Hanukkah inspired braid star will make you the star of the season! (Okay, I know the Star of David has six points, but I didn’t have enough room on my head.) Before I explain this one I’d like to emphasize that I am NOT a hairstylist, just a lifestyle blogger that loves experimenting. So if I can do these Holi-’Dos, so can you.

Start with your hair in a half-up ponytail. Braid that ponytail into two even braids. Take a section of hair on either side of your head next to your ears and rubber band both sides into a ponytail. Braid one side into two braids, and the other side in one braid. Fold the braids over one another to form a star, and rubber band the bottom of your hair into two pigtails. Remove any temporary rubber bands you had in your hair. Finally, accessorize with colorful ribbons!

Note: I added foam snowflakes on one side of my head to cover up one braid being pinned up on the side.

O Holy Tree
For my final Holi-’Do I styled another version of a Christmas tree on my friend Allison.

I used the 180PRO TEASEless spray to give her hair volume before pulling into a ponytail high on her head. With bright green rubber bands I started with four sections of hair in ponytails. From those four ponytails, you combine half of each into a new ponytail. Last, adorn with a star on top using bobby pins and any garland as desired.

May I suggest this O Holy Tree Holi-’Do for an ugly sweater party or gift exchange?! The beauty of all these Holiday styles is that failure is NOT an option because the quirkier the better! And 180PRO’s hairstyling products are here to lend a helping hand.

Happy Holi-’Dos!


Misty Kingma is an entertainment and lifestyle blogger based out of Denver, CO. You can follow her inspirational Be Yourselfie blog here and Instagram account here.