There are so many new hair color techniques sprouting up the last few seasons, many of which have the common theme of color melting.

One of my favorite spins on this look is a technique I call Peacock Precision Placement.

The obvious reason for this is the blue, aqua, teal and violet tones that flutter throughout it, but it’s the precise, isolation of colors that are the real rub of this look.

The overall effect is reminiscent of the peacock and it’s ‘hey look at me!’ show-off feathers. Which also happened to be my favorite animal as a child… quelle surprise!



1.Begin by isolating triangles in pivotal spots throughout the head. I went about half an inch under the natural part line and created a triangle about an inch and a half for each side.

2. In each triangle, weave out a heavy highlight and apply the Crème Lightener and 40 Volume Developer in a foil.

3. Repeat back to back foils until you have completed all the triangles.

4. Process until palest yellow. (See my other blog post on how to properly pre-lighten hair!)

5. Shampoo, lightly condition and dry hair.

Now’s the fun part!

6.Mix your colors in separate bowls or bottles. I used 1oz 3B & 1oz 10 Volume Developer, 1oz 5BG & 1oz 10 Volume Developer and 1oz 5V & 1oz 10 Volume Developer.

7. Apply each color in its own zone on the pre-lightened hair… the blue at the root, the blue-green at the mid-lengths of the hair and the violet at the ends of the hair.

8. Process for 20 minutes.

9. Rinse, shampoo and condition.

The remarkable thing about this technique is how versatile it is… you can use any colors that you want and you can place them wherever you see fit.

Results can range from soft and natural to bold and dramatic.

I know you’re going to have a blast trying this out so be sure to share your results with us by tagging @ZotosProfessional and #AGEbeautiful!