Performance-Proven Products for Youthful Hair


By now everyone knows what a hit AGEbeautiful is.

AGEbeautiful has proven itself to both pro’s and consumers.

Making itself not just the first anti-aging hair color but a complete collection of award-winning, performance-proven products.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the original team that helped launched this “baby” brand that has now evolved into the success story before us. In celebration of this revolutionary line, I would love to share my personal favorite ways I’m using each product. Featuring some insider tips and tricks, that have never before been shared.

This is, without a doubt, the best gray coverage permanent line available. One shade knocks out every gray, that I would normally have to use two or three colors to get 100% coverage with. Want to really stand out in your salon? Offer a multi-dimensional single process retouch… instead of doing one base formula throughout the head, try adding some variation. For example, start with a lighter shade around the hairline and start adding a darker shade as you progress towards the back, adding dimensional depth and a remarkable result that separates your work from others.

“Have a client with the most stubborn, resistant grays you’ve ever seen?  The double N series is my go-to when I need complete, 100% gray destroying coverage.   These NN’s deliver solid, impermeable results that won’t fade off, while fortifying the hair with all of that award winning, anti-aging AGEbeautiful magic.”

What do you do when you have one of the most popular vibrant shades on the market? You intensify it!

The new Intense Lift Collection takes fan favorite shades like violet, red, red-violet and blue and powers them up. Now get up to four levels of lift in one step on virgin hair, on even the darkest base colors. All with low-ammonia!

Don’t forget about the genius Intense Lift Dark Cool Blonde and Light Cool Brown… these are shades the fly off my salon shelves every day because I can finally take a dark brunette to a brass-free tawny sable brown with ZERO warmth. I love reaching into my “spice cabinet” and adding a drop of 3B into my lighter brunettes for the coolest, arctic browns that will never read red.

Oh the underdog of every hair color line!

Demi Permanent is not just ideal for blending first grays… it’s also my steadfast low-light option for dimensional depth that lasts longer than traditional permanent dyes. Demi is the only way I go for a super-gentle color refreshing gloss option on previously colored hair. Don’t be afraid to jump across the palette when mixing these colors. I love to refine a brassy blonde with a 9N demi-permanent and a drop of 3V demi-permanent. That drop of deep violet knocks out that unwanted yellow in seconds. Have a client who has grays that are just beginning to become a pest? Take a gentle approach using a demi-permanent color that is one to two levels lighter than their natural for natural, low-maintenance results. For extra resistant first grays, apply formula and use a cap with heat for 30 minutes, then cool off for 10 more.

Tint Shine has filled the gap for what to do in-between regular coloring sessions. These are great for someone who wants to add a lot of shine to their hair, with a trace amount of translucent color. I love sending clients home with a box of Tint Shine for those last few weeks before their next salon visit, keeping their color salon sexy all the time.

I’m going through up to 6 boxes a day at the salon of Clear Shine.
Everybody wants those pastel, soft preternaturally jeweled tones and Clear Shine makes it so easy. I simply add a drop of whatever shade we are working with, say 3B for those denim shades that have been so popular, into the Clear Shine and it’s pastel perfect!