SHEQ Policy


Zotos is committed to growth and continual improvement in all aspects of the business including quality, safety, environmental impacts and sustainability. We recognize the importance of these SHEQ business aspects for our employees, community, customers, and planet.

Our fundamental goal is to offer the utmost quality possible for each and every item that comes off our production line, while reducing waste, providing employees with a safe work space and protecting the environment. For this to occur the following must also be satisfied without compromising the principles that have come to be expected at the Geneva site. We declare to conduct our operations by; paying respect to all environmental laws, regulations and activities; protecting our employees from harm; and delivering on customer expectations.


  1. Our leadership team develops and implements operational plans and it is the responsibility of that team to monitor the SHEQ Management The Management team shall review our management system at least annually, to ensure that the system is effective, adequate and suitable.
  2. Our Leadership team will identify and establish all business processes centered around quality, safety, environment and
  3. Establish internal SHEQ metrics and benchmarks to exceed, not merely meet, corporate, customer, legal and regulatory This is done with a focus on continuous improvement.
  4. Specify targets and set realistic goals that can have a beneficial impact on our local community, planet, customers, and employee
  5. Conduct internal audits and strive for SHEQ system This will lead to an improvement of our overall process performance and reduced waste.
  6. Conduct internal education, motivate and encourage our employees, as well as all business partners, to follow our established
  7. Establish environmental protection program with a clear understanding regarding the effects of our day-to- day operations on the environment and the need to reduce pollution, while harmonizing our operations with the local community and government, striving for local environmental
  8. Put in place the quality systems needed to meet our goal of excellent product performance, reliability, and customer service while maintaining high levels of integrity and
  9. The prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses, and incidents is a valued business Management at all levels is responsible for providing leadership, accountability, and the resources needed to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and incidents; and adherence to company safety and health standards is a condition of employment for all employees.