The shift from golden Indian summer into the warm embrace of autumn is one of my favorite times of year.

The cozy sweaters come out, fireplaces begin to glow and I can bike without breaking a sweat (sort of).
But the best part is, everyone wants new hair color!

Here are my favorite formulas and techniques for this season:

Ultimate Chocolate

This is a rich, delicious brunette for the girl who wants a better-than-natural brown.
How do you make a brown not just brown?  Add more brown!
Mixing opposing tones creates a luxurious brunette that is never boring.

For Mazi, I used 1oz. AGEbeautiful Permanent 6N & 1/2oz. AGEbeautiful Permanent 5G & 1/2oz. AGEbeautiful Permanent 7A  / 2oz. 20 Volume.


Café Au Lait

A classic, sophisticated blonde is as timeless as throwing on a cashmere sweater, cuddled up with a cup of coffee.

Placing lowlights under back-combed slices of lightness creates a pop and makes the blonde appear even brighter.

I used AGEbeautiful Demi Permanent 6N in the back for a crisp brown that makes the blonde look even brighter and slowly added AGEbeautiful Demi Permanent Clear Shine as I got towards the top and front. This elegant yet lived-in technique is the perfect end of summer look.


Platinum Silver

A lot of people are adjusting their usual gray coverage routine with different ways of embracing your silver.
My Mom was quarantined in Costa Rica for most of this year leading to a very grown out gray.

While I have major renovation ideas up my sleeve, for this we just wanted to kill that yellow on her ends.
Painting AGEbeautiful Topcoat Toner in Silver Ash Blonde knocked out the yellow and turned let-it-go gray into polished silver.


Pumpkin Spice

What feels more fall-like than pumpkin spiced anything?
The secret to pumping up the heat in this look is to increase your developer and shade as you go down the hair shaft.

This vibrant formula is AGEbeautiful Permanent 8RC with 20 Volume on the roots, then add AGEbeautiful Permanent 9RC and 40 Volume for the mid-lengths and ends.

Having a complete palette of intermixable shades like AGEbeautiful allows you to be the creator of an infinite seasonal shade collection. I know you are going to have a blast playing with new formulas and I can’t wait to see your autumnal masterpieces. Check out our full range of AGEbeautiful shades and tag us in your looks, @ZotosProfessional #AGEbeautiful.





AGEbeautiful NEW Blushed Hues

I don’t blush.

Maybe it’s my tough-to-impress / heard-it-all-before NY upbringing or maybe it’s my pink skin…

I’m going with the tough guy macho part.

Speaking of tough… this winter on the east coast has been frigid and snow filled.

After the last storm I was two hours into digging my car out of its new, more aesthetically pleasing spot, which required 4x the amount of digging, when a sound from the heavens hit.

A crisp clack of a snow shovel helping me out from my hot new neighbor.

“Hello Michael! I would’ve helped earlier but I was having such a great time watching you work up a sweat.”

Maybe I do blush.

Which brings me to my new favorite shades from AGEbeautiful anti aging hair color (in my opinion the BEST hair color) … the Blush series!

Just in time for the most romantic   time  of the year… These creamy, beigey colors are perfect for all skin complexions and add sophistication and elegance.

Our model, Yulia has grown out highlights that have dulled and need a kick of balanced warmth.

Apply 2oz AGEbeautiful 8WB Permanent Color and 2oz AGEbeautiful 20Volume at the root area.

Add 1 oz 9WB and 1 oz 40Volume to applicator bottle or bowl and remix.

Apply this formula to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

Allow to process for 30 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition.

By lightening your formula as you progress down the hair you replicate natural, sun-kissed,  balanced results.

These fun, flirty new shades will add smoldering spice to your bland brunettes, blondes and deep browns. I can’t wait to see all your new color flings with the new Blushed Hues!

AGEbeautiful anti aging hair color can be found at Sally Beauty Supply stores.

AGEbeautifully At Any Age

AGEbeautiful is the first anti-aging haircolor but that doesn’t limit it to just one generation of haircolor users…

Enter Regina and Marta, the delightful mother and daughter duo who dazzled us from the minute they walked into the photo shoot.  After we finished pleasantries of our shared Williamsburg, Brooklyn residences (who knew that my favorite Polish take-out was pronounced with a “joop!” for Dzup?) we got down to business!

Mom Regina wants a regal red that works well with her complexion, completely obliterates her stubborn grays and doesn’t give her “hot roots”.   My hands couldn’t reach for the AGEbeautiful RC’s fast enough.


1 1/2oz AGEbeautiful 7RC Permanent Hair Color
1/2oz AGEbeautiful 8N Permanent Hair Color

2oz AGEbeautiful 20Volume Developer

Apply formula at root area only and allow to process for 45 minutes.
Rinse, shampoo and condition.

Gloss faded ends using AGEbeautiful TintShine Bronze for 10 minutes at sink.
This key to Regina’s formula is the addition of the neutral 8N shade, which not only gives complete gray coverage but also ensures balanced, not too-vibrant, aka “hot roots”.

Daughter Marta is a working actress / model and wants to have some fun with her color, while still being seen as a blonde. My fan-favorite Metallic Rose on her tips will give her some excitement while keeping angry phone calls from her agent at bay.

2 1/4oz AGEbeautiful Clear Shine Demi Permanent Color
1/4oz AGEbeautiful 5RR Demi Permanent Color
2 1/2oz AGEbeautiful Demi Permanent Developer

Begin by isolating away the top half section of the hair (from temple to crown)
Alternate with one inch horizontal and diagonal front sections
Back-comb each section with about half of the hair towards the root-line of the section
Free-hand paint your Metallic Rose Formula in a V-Shaped pattern in each section, from mid lengths to ends
Allow to process for 20 minutes upon completion
Rinse, shampoo and condition.
Regina and Marta are great examples of the self-pampering that we all need to do after the hectic holiday season.
They are also remarkable proof that AGEbeautiful is the go-to hair color for all generations!

Summer Bronde How-To

Taking a deep brunette into the blondes may seem like a daunting challenge, but a challenge is one thing Mike Petrizzi, AGEbeautiful Artistic Director, never shies away from.  “The trick to blonding a very dark base color is to emulate the way the sun would naturally brighten the hair.  Focus on really sun-soaked, super saturated splashes of lightness on the ends that gradually deepen towards the base.  Keeping the richness at the root, grounds the color and makes it look like the hair just came back from months being bleached in the Costa Rican sun!”

Mike Petrizzi employs a few variations of popular free-hand balayage techniques to achieve his goal.  “This is sort of a everything-but-the-kitchen sink approach to balayage.  We use a lot of back-combing in the nape and back of the head, to diffuse the lightness at the root, and lessen this as we approach the face and top.  I also alternated putting the ends of each lightened section in foil, this gives you some super pale bits varying with more golden pieces.”



1.Begin in the back of the head and take small triangle sections, teasing the hair up to the root. Focus on back-coming more hair in the areas where you want more deepness at the root.

2. Apply the lightener in V patterns up towards the root, concentrating on saturating the ends.

3. Alternate every other section with foil-wrapping the ends to retain heat and provide even more lift.

4. Work your hair towards the face-frame and top of the head, easing up on the backcombing and bringing more of your lightener towards the root area, just as the sun would naturally brighten.

5. Process until the hair is pale yellow, rinse, shampoo and deep condition.


Ever scroll through someone’s social media feed and feel just a bit jealous of their killer selfie game? They might make it look easy, but the fact is, they probably put a lot of effort into capturing that perfectly effortless pose.

Lucky for you, we know all their secrets. So we’ll make you a deal: we’ll share our best advice for snapping a super-flattering selfie. All we ask is that you share the results with shots that show off your remarkable hair! Whether it’s incredible shine, a damage-defying transformation, or captivating color, show us how Zotos Professional products helped give you locks that get likes. Just hashtag your photo with the brand you used and #ZotosProfessional, and you could be featured on Zotos Professional social.

Now read on to learn how to selfie like a pro!

  1. Let There Be Light

In the world of selfies, it’s all about lighting, lighting, lighting. Natural indoor light or outdoor daylight always gets the best results, and can even blur imperfections when done correctly. Be sure to aim your face towards the light to avoid harsh shadows. Play around with lighting to create different moods—the lighting in your car is usually fabulous, but avoid using flash and fluorescent lighting at all costs.

  1. All The Right Angles

The angle you shoot at can make all the difference. A certain famous selfie queen swears that her go-to trick is keeping her chin down and holding the camera up a bit higher than face level. Experiment with different angles, and when you find a winner, remember it so you can quickly recreate it in the future.

  1. Strike A Pose

You don’t have to treat selfies like the typical “smile and say cheese” picture. Give it a little attitude: try some serious smolder, sneak in a subtle smirk, or even get a little silly. But just remember: duck face is a definite don’t.

  1. Background Check

Do you really want to snap that perfect selfie, only to see some random stranger in the corner, or notice some dirty laundry on the floor? Pay attention to your background, and try to include interesting colors, patterns and textures when possible. Just don’t go overboard to the point where it gets busy—sometimes, simplicity is best.

  1. Prop It Up

Props aren’t a requirement, but they can definitely spice up an otherwise “blah” selfie. Whether it’s something you wear like a statement necklace or chic sunglasses, or something you hold (anything from an ice cream cone to a pet will do), props give you something to interact with, which can yield fun results.

  1. Multiple Choice

Taking selfies is not the time to show restraint. After all, the best thing about digital cameras is the fact that you can pretty much take unlimited pictures. So snap, snap, and snap some more—then edit later. The more you take, the better your chances of finding that one winner among 15 sleepy-eyed shots.

  1. Cream of the Crop

It’s often better to take a wider shot, then crop later. Getting close up can be super-dramatic, especially when you want to highlight your hair—so let those locks fill up the frame. And unexpected compositions can look really striking; so if you don’t like something, cut it out!

  1. The Magic Retouch

Most of the envy-inducing selfies you see have been retouched at least a little, so don’t be afraid to use photo-editing tools to give yours some oomph. There are tons of apps designed just for this purpose, so find one you like. But don’t go so crazy with artsy filters that your photos no longer look like you. (After all, it’s called a SELF-ie.)


  1. Get Inspired

Snoop around and check out other selfies to get ideas for your own. There are people out there who snap themselves so often, they’ve got it down to a science. So study what makes their shots so mesmerizing, and use that inspiration for your next session.


  1. Let Loose

Don’t take all of this too seriously—it’s supposed to be fun. If you’re too uptight, it will show in your shots. So relax, let your hair down and be authentic. To get your best selfie, you’ve got to let your best self shine.

Now you’re ready to shoot like the best of them! So get those locks looking flawless, grab your camera and click away. Just remember to keep up your end of the deal and share that hair by tagging your fave brand and #ZotosProfessional.

By the way, if you’re totally selfie shy, feel free to send a creative still life of your favorite Zotos Professional products instead. (We recommend laying the products flat and shooting from above; don’t be afraid to stand on a chair.)

We can’t wait to see what you snap!