My New Look and Updo

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The holidays are here and there’s so much to do. There are places to go and parties to attend. It gets really busy, doesn’t it? Not to mention seeing your friends and family that you haven’t seen all year. I want to make sure that I look my best.



I check my closet and find the perfect holiday outfit, matching purse and accessories. Everything is looking great and I am all ready for a fun holiday night out but wait. I take another glance in the mirror and see that those pesky gray hairs have returned. Ugh.

It really has been a long time since I colored my hair and I am overdue for a new look. But who has time to head to the salon during this busy season?  Well you know me, this girl is taking matters into her own hands, literally. I’m going to update my look with a fresh new hair color right at home. This time, I’m trying something different. Something that will help get rid of the grays and help my hair look good.



I decided to give Zotos AgeBeautiful Anti-aging Hair Color a try. AgeBeautful helps me fight the signs of aging and color my hair like a pro right in the comfort of my own home.

I headed to my local Sally Beauty store and went with Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème anti-aging hair color in 1N which is Jet Black along with Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful 20 volume developer which is the usual choice.



Why Choose AgeBeautiful?

As we get older we may notice the signs of aging on our skin and face. Our eyes may have a few wrinkles here in there but did you know but most of us don’t think about our hair?

As we age our hair shows the effects. It loses:

  • Volume
  • Manageability
  • Shine
  • Color
  • and Moisture

How to Apply Zotos Age Beautiful Anti-aging HaircolorThis is my first time using hair color with a separate developer and it was really is easy to use. The mixing ratio is 1 to 1 and that means you mix 1 ounce of developer for 1 ounce of color.



I chose to purchase an applicator bottle to apply my hair color. Make sure you use gloves and an old t-shirt to keep your clothes from getting ruined. It’s also helpful to apply petroleum jelly around your hairline and ears to keep your skin from getting stained.



Simply squeeze the creme into the bottle with the developer and shake to mix.




Before I dyed my hair. You can see the grey hairs along the edged of my hairline, especially at my side part. (For those that don’t know, the white hair in the back is my birthmark and I don’t dye that hair ever.)




The results were beautiful black curls with fewer signs of grey and aging.




Click to learn more about Zotos AgeBeautiful Anti-aging Hair Color.


Holiday Updo Tutorial

I’ll show you how to get your hair holiday ready with my easy updo/ponytail.

1. First, section off your bangs.

2. Then apply your favorite hair moisturizer or gel and slick all the hair up into a high ponytail and tie it with an elastic band.

3. Tie a black silk hairbow or scarf around the ponytail.

4. Finish the look with sparkle by placing rhinestone hair clips throughout the ponytail and front edge of bangs.




Viola! Now you are ready for all the season has to offer!


Do you dye your hair at home? How are you dealing with the signs of aging?


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The Best Way to Cover Up Gray Hair

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GoBeyondGrayCoverage #CollectiveBias Look and feel younger by staying on top of those pesky gray hairs…I’m sharing the best way to to cover up gray hair today! Read on to see how I did it!



You don’t reach your thirties and beyond without picking up some wisdom along the way. I’m not as wise as my mama, for instance, but I would like to think that today’s Kristin knows a bit more than that twenty-something girl of days past. So, I would have to say that I am perfectly at ease with where I am at in this stage of the game. The road that brought me to my husband, children and a career that I love has been windy, but wonderful. That being said, while I don’t mind looking my age, I certainly do not want to look any older. Bwah!

And that is why I cover up my gray hair. My healthy crop of gray is a genetic gift. My mom was 75% gray before she was thirty and her grandmother was snow white at the same age. So, basically my original brunette mane didn’t stand a chance. Haha! It actually doesn’t bother me too much. My gray hair has given me an excuse to play around with my color. That’s always fun!

Plus, lightening up the brown a bit has made me look younger I think. That and full gray coverage. Just sayin’. Going a shade lighter is always a good tip when you’re trying to cover up your gray. And permanent color is best for full gray coverage. Enter Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful anti-aging Liqui-Crème hair color, my new best friend…I easily found her at my local Sally Beauty Supply store by the way. Woot!



How to Easily Cover Up Gray Hair

As we age, our hair’s appearance can make us appear older as much as our skin can. With 5 signs of aging that include loss of(1) volume, (2) manageability, (3) shine, (4) color, (5) moisture, we have to stay on top of our anti-aging battle. Zotos can help us do that! Did you know that AGEbeautiful anti-aging hair color is the first hair color developed to fight all 5 signs of aging?

It also contains melanin, keratin peptide, silk protein, vitamin E, and a patented conditioning. The unique formula penetrates deeply and absorbs quickly to deliver beautiful rich color. Hair feels instantly fuller, silkier and radiates shine. And nothing looks more youthful than a full mane of bouncy, shiny hair sans grays of course! If you have really stubborn grays, go for the Ultimate Coverage series! Another little tip…

Now I typically head to my hair stylist for my color, but she recently got sick, which happens. Unfortunately, it happened right before I headed out for a big trip and she wasn’t able to rebook me for quite a while. There was no way my roots would wait, so I decided to try out at home color for the first time. I had no idea what I was in for, but thanks to the Zotos AGEbeautiful line, the at home color process is surprisingly simple. Like anyone who has never colored her hair herself, I was worried that the application requirements would be beyond my skill set, but I worried for no reason! I saved time AND money. As you can see, my grays are GONE! Score!




Why At Home Hair Color is For You

Now that I know about the best way to cover gray hair, I just might turn to at home hair color a whole lot more, especially between highlighting appointments. Why can’t I take care of my gray roots myself? I now know that I totally can! And the best part is, thanks to those covered up roots, my hair is holiday ready!

All I have to do before I leave the house for an event is give it a blow dry and curl the ends. Easy peasy! As you can probably guess after reading this, I’m is ALL about easy! Us busy moms have to be right? Hey, it’s the holiday season. Our already time crunched life is even busier this time of year! Let’s take those wins where we can get them! So, are you ready to try the best way to cover gray hair yourself? Head over to Zotos Professional to see which color could cover your gray!



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