Introducing The Help Your Salon Program

Help your salon


Dear Stylists and Salon Owners of our Hair Creator Community,

We understand this is a very challenging time for you with many salons being mandated to temporarily close. As a result, many of you are looking for ways to generate income during this global pandemic, when business is almost exclusively online. With most salons not having online shops set up, Zotos Professional has a solution for you. We’re excited to share the new Help Your Salon website and program with our stylist community to help support your business during this time!

Help Your Salon is a website developed to provide stylists and salons the opportunity to create digital vouchers to sell to clients for products and future services as well as a commission-based e-commerce shop that rewards you for your client’s product purchases. Registration on the site is FREE and quick and the only requirement is your cosmetology license number and an active PayPal account.


Here’s how it works!   

Create a Digital Voucher to Sell Products or Services for Future Use to your Clients:      

  1. Log on to:
  2. If you do not have a PayPal account, register for a new account first:
  3. Register yourself as a stylist or your salon using your PayPal email address
  4. Receive your confirmation email and share your vouchers link with your clients
  5. Payment will be deposited into your PayPal account when clients purchase a voucher


Earn Commission When Your Clients Shop at Help Your Salon:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click ‘Sign Up As A Salon’ (Have your License number ready!)
  3. If you do not have a PayPal account, register for a new account first:
  4. Receive a confirmation email within 1 business day with your unique code and some visual assets to help spread the word to your network
  5. Share your unique code with your clients, friends and family and direct them to shop and save 10%


How does it work for your clients?

They shop at using your unique code which will earn them 10% off their purchase and free shipping (excluding tax)!


Overview of your commission:

You receive a commission based on the client’s shopping cart linked to your unique code

  • 35% commission for a cart value under $30
  • 50% commission for a cart value over $30
  • Your share will be deposited weekly into your PayPal account

*For all shopping carts with no code, all registered stylists and salons will receive a proportional amount.


Zotos Professional is happy to offer your clients these 6 best-selling products; some just perfect for those who color their hair and need a color refresh in between appointments!

  1. All About Curls Starter Kit
  2. All About Curls Bouncy Cream
  3. All About Curls High Definition Gel
  4. AGEbeautiful Root Touch Up Spray, Dark Brown
  5. AGEbeautiful Root Touch Up Spray, Medium Brown
  6. AGEbeautiful Root Touch Up Spray, Light Golden


There is also a standard assortment of top-selling products from the following salon professional brands. You will receive commission on your client’s total purchase, no matter which assortment of brands they shop!

  • Alterna
  • Joico
  • Kenra Professional
  • Pravana
  • Schwarzkopf Professional
  • Sexy Hair

All products are at home care retail sizes, no professional hair color or back-bar sizes offered.


Here’s a visual example to see how it works!


We are thrilled to share this resource with you and hope that it can generate some additional sales and keep you connected to your clients until salons reopen again!


Stay Safe. Stay Connected. Stay Creative.


How To Manage Emotional Well-Being During COVID-19 Quarantine

While locked down at home, our daily lives have become full of stress and anxiety. We have a COVID-19 contingency plan and also a schedule for our kiddos to help manage and enhance their emotional well-being.  I need to manage my own feelings too because I’m also stressed, irritable, or anxious!  I’m a better parent when I’m a happier parent.  One of the things that have been very helpful in managing my emotional well-being is to treat myself like doing my own manicure, hair treatments, facials, and even try a new makeup palette.

If you are also looking to treat yourself while #shelterinplace,  I highly recommend some pampering me-time like COLORING your roots – you want to look fabulous when this is all said and done!  I have been using the @zotosprofessional AGEbeautiful products to keep my hair looking healthy and glossy, which I have been able to save over $1,000 a year.

Yes, I have been saving over $1,000 a year in hair coloring.  If you are following me then you know that I have been dying my hair at home and getting salon-quality color for over 10 years.  My hair grows exponentially fast making my gray roots very obvious.  Although I don’t mind going to work or hanging out with friends and family when my roots are showing, there are certain situations when I feel self-conscious about it. So I dye my hair every few weeks and in between hair coloring, I follow a hair routine maintenance to take good care of my hair.

For years now I have been following these tips to get the glossy, healthy, and salon-quality hair color after each dye. I have not had any split ends and only see my hairstylist every 14 weeks for a trim.


Whatever you do, do not make drastic changes to your hair color.  If you want to alter your color to more than 3 shades, I highly recommend getting it done by a professional hair colorist. Choosing the right shade is so important because you want the color to match and blend in with your natural hair color.  I have naturally black color hair but I want to go a tad lighter so it’s not harsh looking.  The shade  that I use on my hair is dark to darkest brown.  Many hair color brands offer several shades within the tone so choose one that closely matches your hair color. I love Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Permanent Hair Color in Darkest Brown 3N because it completely covers my stubborn grays especially the hairline and temple areas.


Having the right tools ready is so important to get your hair colored without wasting time searching for them.   You would need the following: plastic gloves to prevent staining on your hands, petroleum jelly to rub around your hairline to prevent staining your skin, plastic cap to cover your hair, a hairdresser clip to section hair for better application, Argan hair oils (add a drop of two to the mix for the extra gloss), and a box of hair color along with the toner.


The best time to color my hair is when it’s been at least 2 days after shampooing.  The main reason is because dirty hair lacks the slippery conditioner that freshly washed hair has.  I usually wear an old t-shirt so that I don’t have to worry about the stain getting on my clothes.


Everyone’s skin reacts differently.  If you have never used the product before I would highly recommend a strand test to see if you have any allergic reaction.


So here’s the trick to prevent my hair from getting brittle and dry due to coloring.  Since the Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Permanent Hair Color lasts so long on my hair strand, I would only color my roots.  and color my entire hair every so often.  The best news is that I can use the same tube for two separate applications thus saving me even more on cost


The average wait time for the color to deposit into your hair is 45 minutes.  During this time, I would do my laundry, clean up my house, and even prep food for the family.  When it’s time to rinse make sure you wash it without using any shampoo.   Don’t forget to have your gloves on to prevent staining on your hands.  If your hands and/or skin is stained, you can use an exfoliating cream and it should come right off.  After the rinse, use a paraben-free conditioner to finish up the process.  I usually don’t shampoo my hair until a few days after so the color stays longer.

I hope these tips will help you attain beautiful salon-quality hair color and save a lot of money as they have for me.

For more inspiration visit Mama In Heels.