Q+A with ZP’s Perm Authority & Director of Education

A sit-down conversation with our authority on Perms, Zotos Professional’s Director of Education Jovita Osorio.



We all know Zotos Professional as a company who is continually on the cutting edge, creating revolutionary perm technology for the salon industry since 1929. Tell us, when did your love affair with perms begin?

Jovita: The beauty industry has been my home for a long time. I have fond memories of perms because of my mother. For as long as I can remember my mother has always worn her hair permed. Mom has very fine hair that lacks volume and the perm gave her that texture she needed to feel good about her hair. I, on the other hand, had extremely dense hair that grew down past my waist. As I matured, I realized that I would need to learn how to style my massive hair and, I wanted to learn how to do mom’s hair. So, I enrolled in cosmetology school and became a licensed Cosmetologist before I entered my senior year of high school. Once I started working behind the chair my passion for perming coupled with my drive to succeed propelled my career. Perming, at that time, was the main source of income for a stylist. I was able do two perms simultaneously while keeping the flow going…. it was the norm to whip out 5 to 6 perms a day with trim & styling. After only a short time behind the chair I found myself managing 12 franchise salons as well as the San Diego educational manager for the region.



What lead you to accept the position of the Director of Education for Zotos Professional?

Jovita: I was the first to organize a full-blown educational convention for the entire 25 franchise salons, and their stylist. I created fun learning experience through educational driven contest allowing the stylist to compete for prizes. The convention was so well organized and successful that a Zotos Professional representative took notice and invited me to interview for the position. I have been here ever since.


What do you think… are perms coming back?

Jovita: Perms are back!! It’s no longer a question it’s a statement. When you have celebrities flaunting their chemically created waves and permed hair appearing on the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2020 fashion week, then you know it’s true. I am excited to see post after post of guys requesting perms for curly tops.


Who is that potential perm client?

Jovita: Perms know no age or gender, anyone who desires texture in their hair is a perm client. Perms are no longer “one size fits all”, they can create any type of curl from springy spiral curls to soft beachy waves and every type of curl/wave pattern in between. Perms offer more than just a standalone hair style too. Perms can be the much-needed foundation to create hair styles that could not be achieved without added texture, like the fine hair client with visions of a voluminous blowout that doesn’t go limp the first time they run their fingers through their hair, or the client with super straight hair who dreams of long lasting curls that survive through the day and on into the night.



The first thing that I hear stylist say when the topic of perms comes up, “will I make any money” offering perm services. What would you say to those stylists?

Jovita: Absolutely! Zotos Professional’s revolutionary technologies help in eliminating the need for time consuming steps of yesterday’s traditional perming. No need for test curls, traditional perm rods or traditional perm rod placements to successful add texture to hair. As well as advanced perm formula options designed for color treated and dimensional colored treated hair.

Couple Zotos Professional perm formulas with the various hair scenarios in which a perm service is the solution your client has been searching for to solve their hair styling woes will not only make you profitable, it will instantly make you your clients biggest hero.

Here’s some additional fun trivia on how Zotos Professional perms have historical helped Salons and Stylist in the past survive hard times…..

Zotos Professional’s pursuit of cutting edge perm technology helped salon owners and stylist get through the Great Depression of 1934 by introducing the first revolutionary perm technology of its time- the “machine-less” permanent wave known as the “Zotos” wave. Again in 1941, at the cusp of WWII Zotos professional created the “Thio Cold Wave” virtually replacing all it’s predecessors.


In your opinion what is the first step in assuring a successful perming result?

Jovita: The Consultation! – an open dialog with your client is the most important step in a perm service. As with any chemical service it is important to evaluate the hair’s integrity, porosity, current texture, density, and past chemical history as well as the client’s vision of desired results. However, that is only a portion of the consultation. You must have an honest conversation to be able to understand and manage your client’s expectations. There are many unknowns and misconceptions floating around about perms. It is your responsibility to educate your client on the commitment and upkeep of their perm investment just as you would for any other chemical service listed on the salon menu. Choosing the correct take home hair care, appropriate styling tips and rescheduling for new growth perm re-touches are just a few consultation topics examples that will set you, and your client, up for perm success.


One last question. If someone would ask you today- Why choose Cosmetology as a career? How would you respond?

Jovita: I choose beauty because a cosmetologist license fulfills dreams! As a cosmetologist you have the power to make people feel beautiful, in times of despair and in times of joy.

My Mantra is to live life with passion and give gratitude daily!!



Coloring Curly Hair Like a Pro


Whenever I tell people what I do for work, most are asking for my card and trying to book an appointment for the next day. However there are two people in the world who do not respond so favorably to my hair coloring abilities. Curly haired girls and my Mom.  My Mom just wants her gray covered and fast.  Faster than the last time and the time before that… but that’s a whole other blog. Curly girls are another story, they have literally been “burned” before and don’t want to roll that dice again. Whether you’re a curly hair type 2b or 4c, every ‘curly’ knows their textured hair plays by a separate set of rules including how to color it with care. Follow my tips and tricks below and you will be able to not only color curls but keep their gorgeous texture intact.



Coloring curly requires attention to the unique porosity issues along the hair strand.  Typically curly haired clients will have healthy roots, normal mid lengths and super dry porous ends.  When you color curls you need to account for the differences in each zone.  The basic trick is to always lighten and warm your formula as you progress down the hair shaft.



Having a head of tousled curls is beautiful and stands out.  When placing color make sure to create bolder pieces that won’t get lost in the rest of the hair.  In foil work place three to four back to back foils with heavy weaves or slices for traffic stopping results.



The beauty of curly hair is how much depth is in it, play this up with root shadows.  When I color this type of hair I make sure to glaze the first inch or two off the scalp a level or two darker than the rest of the hair.   Try using a demi-permanent color for super gentle results.




One of my favorite techniques for coloring curly hair is place a super moisturizing conditioner on the non-colored hair.  If I’m doing a base color I will apply a masque (I love All About Curls Divine Treatment) to the mid lengths and ends of the hair while the roots process.  Simply put the treatment in another bowl and paint on the in-between hair as you color.  Your clients will love that you’re nourishing their hair as you color.



Over processing this special hair type leads to frizzled ends.  Bond rebuilders are the latest development in the color arsenal which allow you to color even further than we could before with minimal invasion.  When lightening reach for a bond building bleach like AGEbeautiful’s brand new Ultra Bond.  You will be able to lighten hair even further than before while rebuilding the hair bonds as you go.



A lot of times curly hair can become coarse, unmanageable and dull and dry as it ages.  Previous methods of coloring it only exacerbated this.  Today’s technology allows us to not only color the hair but improve the texture as we process it.  AGEbeautiful’s color line is fortified with keratin-peptides which smooth unwanted frizz and silky amino acids help to add tons of shine.



A great way to achieve more dramatic results gently is to break up the appointments.  If someone sits in my chair with dark brown inky curly hair and wants to be blonde, I will space out the lightening to two or three sessions.  Do one round of dense highlights, treat hair for a week or so with bond rebuilders and fortifying masques, then do another round in about 10 days.  This process allows you to slowly achieve your goal with minimal abuse to the hair texture.




One of the biggest complaints I get from curly haired clients is that highlights don’t float near the root enough. The seemingly random wave pattern can make placing even pieces tricky, but by smoothing the hair out before coloring you can achieve precise results.  I love to flat iron all over, and then take a super tiny flat iron to get right down to the root for the hairs along the face hairline.



By following these tricks of the trade you will be able to embrace curls of all shapes and sizes. So the next time you’re at a party with a circle of potential clients, you can be confident handing your card to that curly haired girl too!

All About Curls Hair Collection Routine


Hi loves!

Calling all my curly girls!  This post is definitely one you want to keep reading if you have curly hair.

Zotos Professional came out with an entire line dedicated to us curly girls, and I’m totally here for it!  I know, exciting right?

I absolutely love their products for helping to fix hair damage that I’ve had.   You can also check out which product I’ve used the most and keep re-purchasing here.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  If you choose to make a purchase using these links, I make a small commission which allows Primp And Prime Beauty to keep bringing you content.  I really appreciate if you do, but if you don’t, that’s fine too 🙂  Read here for full disclosure.  All opinions are 100% my own!

The All About Curls collection is free of Sulfates, Silicones, and Parabens.  Exactly what we do NOT want for our curls.

There are 8 products total in this collection.  Two cleansers, 2 conditioners, and 4 styling products.


All About Curls Collection Products

  1. No-Lather Cleanser
  2. Lo-Lather Cleanser
  3. Daily Cream Conditioner
  4. Divine Treatment
  5. High Definition Gel
  6. Soft Definition Gel
  7. Bouncy Cream
  8. Boosting Foam



My All About Curls Wash & Style Routine

I start out applying the Divine Treatment to dry hair.  I do this so that the hair follicle isn’t fighting for space with water.  This allows the hair treatment to really get absorbed into the hair and work its magic.

After letting the hair mask sit in my hair, I then rinse and follow with the Lo-Lather Cleanser.  Having some lather is just so satisfying to me and makes me feel like it’s really working.  My hair feels so soft after!

Conditioner with curly hair is a MUST!  The just use a “dime size” amount also doesn’t exist regarding curls lol.  More like a handful or two!  The Daily Cream Conditioner makes detangling in the shower so easy, and leaves my hair feeling amazing.




Curly Hair Style Routine

Styling my natural curly hair has never been more effortless.

I like to mix the Bouncy Cream & Styling Foam to give my hair a great balance of volume and definition.  I seal the deal with the Soft Definition gel.  It gives it the perfect amount of hold without being stiff, and it puts the end to any frizz.




Not only does each product perform beautifully, they all smell amazing too!

You can grab some for yourself from Sally Beauty!

Have you tried the All About Curl collection yet?  Let me know in a comment!

Thanks for reading!


For more inspiration visit Primp and Prime Beauty.

The Perfect Wash and Go for Multi-Textured Natural Hair in 5 Steps



If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent countless hours watching youtube videos, reading blog posts, and searching hashtags on Instagram to find the solution to your biggest natural hair struggle — having multiple textures (and porosities) of hair, and finding products that actually work without breaking the bank.

After nearly two months of testing, I’m beyond thrilled to report that there is a solution — and not only is it fully customizable, but it’s affordable too!

Enter: the Zotos Professional All About Curls collection.




Earlier this year, Zotos Professional released a comprehensive line of curly girl-friendly products designed to perform across a variety of natural hair types. And while I don’t subscribe to the curly girl method, I’m always game for products that will define my curls, minimize frizz, and give me great hair for multiple days.

The All About Curls collection consists of eight products, with endless options for combinations. The steps and recommendations I’m going to share in this blog post are geared toward type 3 and 4 naturals with medium to low porosity hair — since that’s me in a nutshell. Of the eight products in the collection, I’ll be focusing on five: the Lo Lather Cleanser, Divine Treatment, Daily Cream Conditioner, Bouncy Cream, and High Definition Gel.




Ready to see how I transform my hair from a super frizzy mess to super fresh curls? Keep reading below! You can also follow along with the video, to see each All About Curls product in action.





Step 1: Cleanse

If you’ve been a reader/social media friend of mine for any length of time (or followed along with the Natural Hair 101 series), then you know that a clean hair and scalp is essential to any successful natural hair style — especially the wash and go.

That’s why I’m so glad that the All About Curls collection didn’t stop with just the No Lather Cleanser. It’s clear that Zotos Professional understands the need for a balanced approach to hair and scalp care — and the Lo-Lather Cleanser doe not disappoint at all. It’s great at removing buildup, not at all harsh, and even has some slip — making it the perfect addition to a wash day where you may need more than a co-wash, but not quite the power of a clarifying shampoo. The Lo-Lather Cleanser left my hair shiny, soft, smooth, and started the de-frizzing process, which is all a win in my book — and the ideal solution for low porosity hair.




Step 2: Deep Condition

Along every step of my wash day process, I utilize warm water, as I find that it works better on my low porosity hair. After rinsing the Lo-Lather Cleanser, I reach for the Divine Treatment and apply it generously from root to end. With a conditioning cap or under my steamer, I let the Divine Treatment penetrate my strands with gentle heat for at least 20 minutes.

The Divine Treatment has its name for a reason, and whew — it certainly lives up to it! Great slip, soaks easily into my strands, and leaves my hair feeling ah-MAY-zing upon rinsing. But the best part? How my curls looked after I rinse.

Every time I use the Divine Treatment, my curls look like I’ve just done a bentonite clay mask — super defined, shiny, and with SIGNIFICANTLY reduced frizz. The Divine Treatment sets the perfect foundation for the wash and go that renders me speechless and eternally grateful for its curl-poppin’ powers.


Step 3: Apply Leave-In

Without giving my hair time to dry out, I generously apply the Daily Cream Conditioner to my hair and work it into the strands with warm water. Once my hair is sectioned, twisted, and clipped, it’s time to style.

That’s right — I use the Daily Cream Conditioner as my leave-in!

Yep, you can totally leave this in your hair — which is amazing because the All About Curls collection doesn’t currently contain a dedicated leave-in. It’s thick (but not too thick). Creamy. Velvety. Super moisturizing. It contains ultra-nourishing ingredients like coconut, shea, sweet almond, marula, and honey — giving parched hair a much-needed moisture punch.

As a leave-in, it plays beautifully with the other styling products in the All About Curls collection — no flakes, no weird globs, no funny stuff. The Daily Cream Conditioner is A-1 for keeping hair hydrated well after wash day, and helps to ensure that these curls POP for days on end without needing a refresher. 🙌🏽




Step 4: Style

Here’s where the fun begins. There are tons of methods that can be used to maximize curl definition — shingling, rake and shake, the Denman, and more. My approach is a combination of the rake and shake, and using my favorite detangling and styling tool — the Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush.

For definition that lasts, I combine the Bouncy Cream and the High Definition Gel in sections like this:

  1. Take down one section and detangle with the Felicia Leatherwood Detangler brush.
  2. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Bouncy Cream to the entire section, finger-combing it through from root to end,
  3. Split the section in to smaller sections, clipping away the extra hair. On the smaller section, apply a generous amount of High Definition Gel from root to end, and use the Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush to distribute the gel and create ultra-defined curls.
  4. After using the brush, take your fingers to rake and shake the curls into clumps.
  5. Drop that section, and repeat for the remaining smaller sections — using extra care to not disturb the curls after they’ve been defined.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until each section is complete.


Step 5: The Finishing Touches

Once your curls are defined, it’s time for them to set. You can choose to air dry, use a diffuser, or sit under a hooded dryer. I find the most long-lasting results with minimal frizz are delivered with a hooded dryer — especially for low porosity hair. I sit under the dryer until my curls are about 85-90% dry, then use a blow dryer for roots and under layers that the hooded dryer can’t get to easily.

At this point, my hair is always super shiny, defined, and of course, shrunken. If you prefer to let your curls naturally expand over the next few days, you can stop here.

But if you’re like me and want hair that’s got volume, definition, and still lasts several days, you can follow my steps for breaking a gel cast andelongating curls.

And just like that, we’re done! Enjoy your fresh, poppin’ curls, courtesy of All About Curls!


Keep Up Your Curls This Summer


Attention all curly girls. You’re in luck because we’re sending some lucky Influensters the All About Curls VoxBox! For those of you who have very curly and sometimes hard to manage hair, this VoxBox by Zotos Professional has everything you need. Here’s a sneak peek of what it comes inside the box:

You can say goodbye to frizz with the All About Curls No-Lather Cleanser. You don’t need suds to feel this clean! Thanks to this cleanser, your curls will look healthy, hydrated, and strong!

Your curls will be so easy to comb through after using the All About Curls Daily Cream Conditioner. It detangles, de-frizzes, and re-hydrates your hair so you can style it easily once you get out of the shower.

The secret to ultra-defined curls may be this All About Curls High Definition Gel. But don’t worry—it can be our little secret! This gel won’t make your hair feel hard and crunchy, it just holds your curls and locks in the moisture so that your locks can look fresh all day long.

Still feeling frizzy? The All About Curls Bouncy Cream is going to help you manage those hard to hold down hairs while also making them super soft and bouncy… just like the name says!

If you’re a curly girl with some tips on having luscious locks through the summer heat, share them with your fellow curly-haired friends!