My New Look and Updo

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The holidays are here and there’s so much to do. There are places to go and parties to attend. It gets really busy, doesn’t it? Not to mention seeing your friends and family that you haven’t seen all year. I want to make sure that I look my best.



I check my closet and find the perfect holiday outfit, matching purse and accessories. Everything is looking great and I am all ready for a fun holiday night out but wait. I take another glance in the mirror and see that those pesky gray hairs have returned. Ugh.

It really has been a long time since I colored my hair and I am overdue for a new look. But who has time to head to the salon during this busy season?  Well you know me, this girl is taking matters into her own hands, literally. I’m going to update my look with a fresh new hair color right at home. This time, I’m trying something different. Something that will help get rid of the grays and help my hair look good.



I decided to give Zotos AgeBeautiful Anti-aging Hair Color a try. AgeBeautful helps me fight the signs of aging and color my hair like a pro right in the comfort of my own home.

I headed to my local Sally Beauty store and went with Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème anti-aging hair color in 1N which is Jet Black along with Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful 20 volume developer which is the usual choice.



Why Choose AgeBeautiful?

As we get older we may notice the signs of aging on our skin and face. Our eyes may have a few wrinkles here in there but did you know but most of us don’t think about our hair?

As we age our hair shows the effects. It loses:

  • Volume
  • Manageability
  • Shine
  • Color
  • and Moisture

How to Apply Zotos Age Beautiful Anti-aging HaircolorThis is my first time using hair color with a separate developer and it was really is easy to use. The mixing ratio is 1 to 1 and that means you mix 1 ounce of developer for 1 ounce of color.



I chose to purchase an applicator bottle to apply my hair color. Make sure you use gloves and an old t-shirt to keep your clothes from getting ruined. It’s also helpful to apply petroleum jelly around your hairline and ears to keep your skin from getting stained.



Simply squeeze the creme into the bottle with the developer and shake to mix.




Before I dyed my hair. You can see the grey hairs along the edged of my hairline, especially at my side part. (For those that don’t know, the white hair in the back is my birthmark and I don’t dye that hair ever.)




The results were beautiful black curls with fewer signs of grey and aging.




Click to learn more about Zotos AgeBeautiful Anti-aging Hair Color.


Holiday Updo Tutorial

I’ll show you how to get your hair holiday ready with my easy updo/ponytail.

1. First, section off your bangs.

2. Then apply your favorite hair moisturizer or gel and slick all the hair up into a high ponytail and tie it with an elastic band.

3. Tie a black silk hairbow or scarf around the ponytail.

4. Finish the look with sparkle by placing rhinestone hair clips throughout the ponytail and front edge of bangs.




Viola! Now you are ready for all the season has to offer!


Do you dye your hair at home? How are you dealing with the signs of aging?


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The Best Way to Cover Up Gray Hair

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GoBeyondGrayCoverage #CollectiveBias Look and feel younger by staying on top of those pesky gray hairs…I’m sharing the best way to to cover up gray hair today! Read on to see how I did it!



You don’t reach your thirties and beyond without picking up some wisdom along the way. I’m not as wise as my mama, for instance, but I would like to think that today’s Kristin knows a bit more than that twenty-something girl of days past. So, I would have to say that I am perfectly at ease with where I am at in this stage of the game. The road that brought me to my husband, children and a career that I love has been windy, but wonderful. That being said, while I don’t mind looking my age, I certainly do not want to look any older. Bwah!

And that is why I cover up my gray hair. My healthy crop of gray is a genetic gift. My mom was 75% gray before she was thirty and her grandmother was snow white at the same age. So, basically my original brunette mane didn’t stand a chance. Haha! It actually doesn’t bother me too much. My gray hair has given me an excuse to play around with my color. That’s always fun!

Plus, lightening up the brown a bit has made me look younger I think. That and full gray coverage. Just sayin’. Going a shade lighter is always a good tip when you’re trying to cover up your gray. And permanent color is best for full gray coverage. Enter Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful anti-aging Liqui-Crème hair color, my new best friend…I easily found her at my local Sally Beauty Supply store by the way. Woot!



How to Easily Cover Up Gray Hair

As we age, our hair’s appearance can make us appear older as much as our skin can. With 5 signs of aging that include loss of(1) volume, (2) manageability, (3) shine, (4) color, (5) moisture, we have to stay on top of our anti-aging battle. Zotos can help us do that! Did you know that AGEbeautiful anti-aging hair color is the first hair color developed to fight all 5 signs of aging?

It also contains melanin, keratin peptide, silk protein, vitamin E, and a patented conditioning. The unique formula penetrates deeply and absorbs quickly to deliver beautiful rich color. Hair feels instantly fuller, silkier and radiates shine. And nothing looks more youthful than a full mane of bouncy, shiny hair sans grays of course! If you have really stubborn grays, go for the Ultimate Coverage series! Another little tip…

Now I typically head to my hair stylist for my color, but she recently got sick, which happens. Unfortunately, it happened right before I headed out for a big trip and she wasn’t able to rebook me for quite a while. There was no way my roots would wait, so I decided to try out at home color for the first time. I had no idea what I was in for, but thanks to the Zotos AGEbeautiful line, the at home color process is surprisingly simple. Like anyone who has never colored her hair herself, I was worried that the application requirements would be beyond my skill set, but I worried for no reason! I saved time AND money. As you can see, my grays are GONE! Score!




Why At Home Hair Color is For You

Now that I know about the best way to cover gray hair, I just might turn to at home hair color a whole lot more, especially between highlighting appointments. Why can’t I take care of my gray roots myself? I now know that I totally can! And the best part is, thanks to those covered up roots, my hair is holiday ready!

All I have to do before I leave the house for an event is give it a blow dry and curl the ends. Easy peasy! As you can probably guess after reading this, I’m is ALL about easy! Us busy moms have to be right? Hey, it’s the holiday season. Our already time crunched life is even busier this time of year! Let’s take those wins where we can get them! So, are you ready to try the best way to cover gray hair yourself? Head over to Zotos Professional to see which color could cover your gray!



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How I Did My Ombre Hair Color

I’ve always done my hair color at home. I can probably count the times I had my hair colored at the salon with my fingers in one hand! I just love the convenience of doing it in my own time – no need to schedule it in my calendar. I can do it whenever I want to. Sometimes, on a very random night! Plus, I can multi-task while I’m waiting for my hair color to develop. So below, I’m sharing with you how I did my new ombre hair color, along with tips for coloring at home.




For this ombre hair color tutorial, I used the newest line from Zotos Professional hair products – the Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond™ line. It was developed to allow users to lighten hair without fear of damage, hair breakage, or further aging! If you’re one of those who worry about bleaching disasters, the Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond line is for you. Make sure to check the link to learn more and to view the complete line of products in their website.




You can find these products at your local Sally Beauty. Now, let me list everything I used for this specific hair color I did at home.


  • Ultra Bond Powder Lightener 1 oz sachet
  • Ultra Bond 20 Volume Developer 4 oz bottle (for on-scalp application)
  • Ultra Bond 40 Volume Developer 4 oz bottle (for off-scalp application)
  • Anti-Aging Haircolor Demi Permanent 6N Light Brown
  • Anti-Aging Haircolor Demi Permanent Clear Shine
  • Demi-Dedicated Developer


  • No.1 Cleanse (shampoo)
  • No.2 Condition (conditioner)
  • No.2+ Deep Treatment


  • Gloves
  • Cape
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Hair clips
  • Brush/applicators
  • Mixing bowl (I used old take-out bowls)
  • Spa essentials like candles, sheet/eye masks, music, and drink of choice (bonus/optional)


(1) Begin by putting on your cape. Not talking about the superhero kind, but that’s fine too! If you don’t have one, wear an old t-shirt or button down that’s okay to get stained.

TIP: You can also get a clean garbage bag and cut a hole on top for your head, and two smaller ones on either side for your arms.

(2) Start by applying petroleum jelly around the hairline, on your forehead, neck, and the top of your ears. After that, wear your gloves.

TIP: Applying petroleum jelly or conditioner will prevent stains on your skin.


(3) In a mixing bowl, mix the powder lightener and corresponding developer according to the package directions in the lightener you are using. For on-scalp application, use the 20-volume developer. For off-scalp application, you can use the 40-volume developer.



(4) Once everything is mixed well, you can begin applying it to your hair. Grab 1-2 inch sections of hair and apply with an applicator brush or your fingers (with gloves, of course). Since this is an ombre hair color tutorial, I started from the ends and worked my way up until where I want the lighter color to be. In my case, I did the lightener up until under my ears. Remember to focus on the ends first, make sure it is saturated with the mixture before you go up.



(5) Once you’ve applied and used up all the lightener for your hair, let it sit for 60 minutes, checking every 10 minutes. You can leave it for less time if you’ve reached your desired color. And while you wait, it’s time for some pamper time!

TIP: Use the wait time to pamper yourself. You don’t always have to spend so much $$$ at the spa just to pamper yourself. You can do it at home! Light some candles, play some relaxing music, and pour yourself your favorite drink. Put on some sheet or eye masks, and then read a magazine or an e-book, whatever you fancy!


(6) When the time is up, rinse your hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. use the Ultra Bond No.1 Cleanse to shampoo your hair. Follow up with No.2 to condition it. After rinsing, let your hair dry before proceeding to color it.

The No. 2+ Deep Treatment is used after you lighten/color your hair. Use it on clean, damp hair as you would a hair treatment product.


And voila… this is the end result…



Just kidding! This was my hair after lightening it. Since I have really dark brown to almost black hair, it will take longer to get it to a lighter shade. But I went with this because my goal was to get it to a light brown color. It’s now time for the next step!

(7) It’s time to mix up the hair color I’m using. I went with the 6N Light Brown Demi Permanent hair color. I used 3/4 of that with 1/4 Clear Shine (for that healthy, shiny look). You don’t have to mix up colors if you’re not comfortable doing so. You can just pick a shade you like and mix it with the corresponding developer. In this case, I used the demi dedicated developer and mixed them all in the bowl.



(8) Now for this, I applied more color to the top and less as I go down towards the ends of my hair. This helped achieved the ombre look. Once you have applied the hair color all over, let it develop according to package directions (about 20 minutes for all over application).



(9) Once your timer is done, rinse your hair until the water runs clear. You may use the same conditioner to condition hair, or use a hair mask. Rinse, let dry, and style your hair. Now admire!



This is how the back looks like:



Now telling all my friends about the Ultra Bond powder lightener because I want to do other lighter colors next time!!!




Here are some before and after photos with a ring light so you can see how it looks like with indoor lighting.



And a final one with the mix of natural and warm light!



I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial. I promise it’s easier than it seems like. Let me know if you decide to color your hair at home and what you think about the new Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond line!


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Zotos Ultra Bond Hair Lightening

“You are so brave,” my husband says as he walks in the house seeing me with a cap on my head and bleach all over it!




Typically I would never color my own hair at home, I have had enough trouble finding a professional to color my hair right. But after researching and learning about Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond™ I was beyond excited to give it a try! I have to be honest, I have had bleaching disasters in the past, so typically something like this would have me nervous and scared to try. But after reading the reviews, testimonials, and watching a couple Zotos Professional Videos, I was ready to try!

The new Ultra Bond™ line allows users to lighten hair without the fear of further aging, breakage or damage. AGEbeautiful introduces Ultra Bond™ lighteners and hair care with built-in bonding to enforce strengthening and protecting the hair with each use. It is infused with bond-building arginine, silk amino acids, and keratin for a softening and silky effect. My favorite part is that it leaves the hair stronger, shinier, and more youthful-looking with each use. When I was finished, not only did I love the color, but my hair was so soft and felt so healthy.

What I love about this at home treatment is that it allows me time in between services to stay fresh and bright. I am going to lay out the EASY FOUR steps that will allow you to get amazing results at home.



Step One – MIX

Mix Bond Powder Lightener 1 oz with Ultra Bond 40 Volume Developer 4 oz



Step Two – PREPARE

I pulled my hair through a cap to leave some of my natural brown color. So next decide how you want to apply it.


Step Three – APPLY

Apply and leave on for up to 60 minutes. Checking every 10 minutes.I left mine on for 35 minutes.



Rinse and use No.2+ Deep Treatment 8.45 fl oz and style your favorite look!

Zotos Professional No.2+ Deep Treatment is a conditioning treatment with built in bonding to strengthen and condition the hair.


BEFORE – semi dark roots



I LOVE the color blonde and how well the product lightened up my roots. This will most definitely save me a trip to my stylist which is money and time back in my pocket!
Visit Zotos Professional here to see more EASY at home Hair products!

How the Color Wheel Relates to Haircolor

The color wheel is the most important tool in the hair color arsenal.


Something I may have chosen not to remember this weekend as I colored my Mom’s hair.


Anyone who knows my Mom understands that she has only two concerns with her color… Cover the gray and do it even quicker than you did last time.


I blame this artistically draining, bar-lowering list of requirements on my reaching for a blue-tinged-toner for her brassy yellow hair. As I was applying the toner and began seeing the mossy, greenish blonde develop before my eyes I thought of that most basic thing we all learned about in elementary school.


The color wheel.

Blue over yellow creates green.


Maybe I should have dug a little deeper into my color cabinet for a violet based toner. The color wheel is instrumental in guiding us through how colors react to one another. Understanding how to use is vital to hair color success stories.


Need to fix a brassy blonde? Got a red that has hot roots? A brunette that won’t lighten without tons of unwanted warmth? All of your answers can be found in the color wheel.


The color wheel has three primary colors, yellow, red and blue. Combining these colors with their neighboring tone will create the three secondary colors.


Now look at what happens when you mix opposite colors… red and green, blue and orange, violet and yellow all negate one another and create a neutral brownish / tan shade.



This very basic breakdown is your best friend in executing perfect hair color results.

I am going to walk you through some of the most common color struggles.

Lucky for us AGEbeautiful has a comprehensive palette of products to deliver perfect results every time.

Keeping it simple is key as we don’t want to reinvent the wheel!




Every colorist has dealt with blondes that have turned that unfortunate yellow tinge. Let’s put that wheel to work and we can see that if we want to negate yellow, we simply reach across to the opposing color and get violet.

By using AGEbeautiful’s TopCoat Toner in beige we add a kiss of soft rosy violet to a yellow hued blonde.



Brown hair is constantly pulling unwanted reddish tones.  The trick is to understand which warmth you’re dealing with.  If it’s orange, you’re going to need blue.  If it’s red, you’re going to have more luck using a green based color.

Using AGEbeautiful 4B Demi Permanent with Clear Shine will give you the perfect blue to negate an intense orange copper.



So often we see darker shades of hair that have been lightened and are left with garish unwanted warmth. First determine which tone needs to be managed.  A lightened dark brunette / black will have red that will benefit from using green as you lighten.  A medium brunette will require blue to control the orange tones that will appear as you lighten.

Lightening this medium brunette using a blue based permanent color like AGEbeautiful 5A will give you refined, sable brunette results.



Once you’ve mastered the basics of color theory you can start tweaking which products you reach for and begin customizing one of kind formulations.


Some of my favorite formulas I have been marrying together this season are…



2oz AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Hyper Lift Violet Blonde & drop of AGEbeautiful 4V Permanent Color with 40Volume

This is perfect for a level 7 blonde that wants a pearlescent, violet nuanced blonde.



1oz AGEbeautiful 8WB Permanent Color & 1/2oz AGEbeautiful 9RC Permanent Color with 20Volume

A sophisticated bronde that has tons of reflective warmth, shine and sizzle.



2oz AGEbeautiful HighLift Ash Permanent Color & 1/4oz AGEbeautiful 6A Permanent Color with 20Volume

This is the formula for a medium to dark brown that wants ZERO red in their hair.  The blue-green base of the HighLift Ash will ensure crisp, cool, not-a-trace-of-red results.



1 1/2oz AGEbeautiful 3B Demi Permanent Color & 1/2oz AGEbeautiful Clear Shine Demi Permanent Color with Demi Developer

This blue based formula is effective when applied to roots that have developed too vibrant and warm.


The color wheel provides limitless options for every type of hair coloring service.

Being fluent in this will become the fundamental foundation of all successful techniques, formulations and executions.  I know you’re going to love exploring the wonderful world of AGEbeautiful and its professional line of products and can’t wait to see your results!

Unbreakable Blonde

Remember when blonding hair meant breakage?


There are endless reasons to reach for the bleach…  Whether it’s that blondoholic who is never blonde enough, removing a vivid tone or lifting someone’s base color, bleach and high lift color are your most powerful weapons in the color arsenal.


It seems like just yesterday that all that power meant compromised, damaged hair. Those days are long gone thanks to the major leaps and bounds from the labs of Zotos Professional.


Brand new from AGEbeautiful… Ultra Bond!

Now we can lighten hair with full confidence and no fear of aging, breakage or damage, all with built-in bonding benefits.


This cutting edge series has both a powder and crème lightener, three high lift / hyper lift shades, dedicated developers and an at home maintenance line that is the best I have ever worked with.


One of my favorite clients has proudly dubbed herself a “blondoholic”.  As long as she was as bright and white as I could possibly get her, she would suffer through the inevitable breakage side effects.  15 plus years of blonding just jumped into the new era…


Ever since we have switched her over to using AGEbeautiful’s Ultra Bond Series the results speak for themselves:


Jamie Before Ultra Bond Blonding:

Notice how we could only take her blond so far and all that bleaching took its toll on her hair.


Jamie After Ultra Bond Bonding:

I’m not only able to get Jamie lighter and brighter but she is now an unbreakable blond!


Jamie Formula:

Dense foil wrap of babylights using AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Powder Lightner and 40Volume

In between foil wrap free hand paint mid-lengths and ends with AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener and 40Volume

ProTip:  I love adding a drop of AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Synergy Deep Treatment to my bleach mixtures for the ultimate in luxury consistency.


Lighten her natural level 7 base color using AGEbeautiful HLA and 40Volume

(There’s a reason they call this HyperLift, I’m convinced there is rocket fuel in there!)

Process for 45 minutes


ProTipTo create a crisp, cool blond try adding a drop of AGEbeautiful 8A into your HyperLift formula.


The piece de resistance to these products is that they have built-in bonding.

There is no messy adding in of ingredients to your bleach, these miracle workers are infused with bond-building arginine, silk amino acids and keratin.


Now for the best part… the Bond Synergy Hair Care:

This at home regime maintains the bonding benefits after all your brilliant blonding.

Doubling the strength and health in the hair.


AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Hair Care In The Wild!

Jamie is excited to add the Bond Series Hair Care to her complete, nutritious hair regime.


ProTip:  These shampoos and conditioners are super versatile and a lot of my finer haired clients who are looking, not just for volume, but also density-fiber-building-protein are loving the way this line bulks and fortifies their limp locks.


Now that you can lighten with complete confidence go out and there and create unbreakable blondes…


I dare you to find breakage!

Summer Bronde How-To

Taking a deep brunette into the blondes may seem like a daunting challenge, but a challenge is one thing Mike Petrizzi, AGEbeautiful Artistic Director, never shies away from.  “The trick to blonding a very dark base color is to emulate the way the sun would naturally brighten the hair.  Focus on really sun-soaked, super saturated splashes of lightness on the ends that gradually deepen towards the base.  Keeping the richness at the root, grounds the color and makes it look like the hair just came back from months being bleached in the Costa Rican sun!”

Mike Petrizzi employs a few variations of popular free-hand balayage techniques to achieve his goal.  “This is sort of a everything-but-the-kitchen sink approach to balayage.  We use a lot of back-combing in the nape and back of the head, to diffuse the lightness at the root, and lessen this as we approach the face and top.  I also alternated putting the ends of each lightened section in foil, this gives you some super pale bits varying with more golden pieces.”



1.Begin in the back of the head and take small triangle sections, teasing the hair up to the root. Focus on back-coming more hair in the areas where you want more deepness at the root.

2. Apply the lightener in V patterns up towards the root, concentrating on saturating the ends.

3. Alternate every other section with foil-wrapping the ends to retain heat and provide even more lift.

4. Work your hair towards the face-frame and top of the head, easing up on the backcombing and bringing more of your lightener towards the root area, just as the sun would naturally brighten.

5. Process until the hair is pale yellow, rinse, shampoo and deep condition.