How to Take Care of Your Hair In Your 20’s

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In your 20’s, they always say: take care of yourself for the future. While many people are referring to skincare or diet, I always thought hair is just as important to take care of during this period. I’ve been coloring my hair lighter since I was 15 and on top of it, use quite a bit of heat to get it to look sleek and straight. Now that I’m in my 20’s, the damage that’s been caused by hair dye and heat is starting to catch up to me and has left my hair dull and life-less. Luckily, it’s not too late to change my hair care routine and thought I should share it with you gals! Here’s how I’ve been taking care of my hair lately in order to protect it from future damage and preserve it for the future:


Diet Changes 

I don’t believe in making big, dramatic changes to your diet overnight or taking a million vitamins. Instead, I made small changes to my diet that slowly made a difference to my hair and health overtime. I incorporated more eggs, salmon, spinach, beans, and nuts to my diet which is packed with powerful vitamins such as biotin, vitamin c, and iron. These three vitamins can help to reduce hair loss, prevent breakage and more importantly: repair hair so it can lead to new, healthy hair.


Avoiding The Ponytail 

The first thing that I used to do when I would come home from school or work is put my hair up in a bun. One day, I was at the salon and my hairstylist pointed out the hair loss happening on the back of my head. A subtle, strange line of hair loss which I didn’t even know about! She said it was actually from putting my hair up so much and recommended I try and avoid tight ponytails or buns. I know it’s hard, but give it a try. It also prevents hair loss from your front hairline!



Limiting Dry Shampoo

I know, I know…we all love dry shampoo. Trust me, I have tons of bottles stocked up underneath my bathroom sink and even keep an emergency mini bottle in my car and in my work purse. Yet I started to notice an awful pattern: every time I went too long without washing my hair and having pounds of dry shampoo in it, I would have awful hair loss on the day that I finally washed it. I realized that it was building up on my scalp, blocking pores and finally resulting in hair loss in the shower. Now, I adjusted my dry shampoo routine and only go 2 days without washing my hair and using a LIGHT layer of dry shampoo on my roots and avoiding the scalp area at all costs.


Safe Products 



As I’m getting older, I’m becoming more aware of the beauty products that I use and the ingredients that goes into them. I recently discovered the new Biotera Natural Origin Restore line at Sally’s Beauty. Biotera products are free from harsh sulfates, parabens and dyes and completely safe for color-treated hair which is something that I always look for. Did I mention the packaging is also 100% recyclable and features biodegradable formulas? Amazing! I purchased the Biotera Restore Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque which is packed with delicious-smelling goji berry and chia extract.

Since the first day I started using these products, I noticed my hair was shiny, smooth and bouncy again. I hate products that weigh my hair down and results in using more products and heat on my hair afterwards. By the way have you ever noticed that sulfate-free shampoos don’t foam up as much and leaves your scalp with a thin film of grease after you get out of the shower? This one doesn’t!



I can finally feel how healthy and clean my scalp is and the best part is that I can leave my house with my naturally curly hair and don’t have to worry about taking extra steps to make it look good. Of course, check out how AMAZING my hair looks when it’s straightened with my go-to blow-out technique that I’ll talk about on the blog soon. Just look at how healthy it looks compared to how it used to be!

Check out more products from Biotera at your local Sally’s Beauty and try their other new lines such as the Biotera Natural Origin Nuture Masque or the Biotera Natural Origin Renew Leave-in Silky Milk.


Thanks for reading,


Four Ways to Keep Your Blonde Hair Healthy w/ Biotera Natural Origins

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Where are my blondes at?! I had no clue how hard it was to keep my blonde actually blonde until I took the plunge and caught onto the Blonde Train. While I had virgin hair and it took two sessions to get to my blonde, I’m not naive to know that going blonde and staying blonde (through toning) can be hard on your hair. The bleaching process is more damaging and delicate than any other color.


While you should always get professional advice from a licensed hair stylist, here’s a few easy tips with Biotera Natural Origins on how to add strength, softness and health back to your hair in between toning!

1. Tone down the toning shampoo.

Truth be told, I didn’t know how purple shampoo exactly worked until recently. In case you weren’t in the know like I was, purple neutralizes yellow (they’re opposite from each other on the color wheel). So when you shampoo with purple, it deposits a small amount of violet pigment to neutralize the yellow. Try using your toning shampoo once a week, if you can. Using toning shampoo more often than needed can actually dry out your hair!

2. Dry shampoo is your best friend.

I mean, if you’re a mom, you already knew this one but this is actually a tip straight from my hair stylist! Dry shampoo is great for in between shampoos (obviously) and the less you’re shampooing your light hair, the better as it preserves your color.


3. Find a cleansing, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

When looking for a shampoo to use in between toning, you really want to find a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner! Personally, I like one that’s all natural and strengthens my hair as well. That’s why I love Biotera Natural Origin’s RESTORE line, that you can find at your local Sally’s. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and dyes. Each bottle shares the percentage of naturally derived ingredients! The line includes a strengthening shampoo and conditioner enriched with nutrient-rich Goji Berry and Chia Extract as well as a hair masque but I’ll get into that in a second. I love using this shampoo and conditioner together as it cleanses my hair (which is something I need, using as much dry shampoo as I use) but is gentle enough that I don’t have to worry about it stripping my color. I like to use these two and then rinse with cold water to lock in my follicles, ensuring super soft hair.

4. Masque it.

Hair masques are a blonde’s best friend! If you’ve ever wondered what liquid silk in a bottle feels like, just try out Biotera Natural Origin’s RESTORE Masque! Directions say to use it on damp hair and leave it on for three minutes but I suggest, for super hydrating powers, to leave it on for about a half and hour and thank me later. The scent is out of this world and the masque is the icing on the cake from this powerful trio of products to keeping my hair strong, soft and hydrated.

Before / After Using the Biotera Natural Origin RESTORE Line

The before is about day three hair with copious amount of dry shampoo in it. It’s lookin’ pretty – uh, rough? The after is directly after using the Biotera Natural Origin RESTORE Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque. It’s SO soft to the touch and fluffy!


There you have it, guys! Four super easy ways to help keep that blonde light, hydrated, soft and strong. I love using the Biotera Natural Origin RESTORE shampoo, conditioner and masque as it’s affordable (all the products are under $10) and really help my hair maintain it’s color! You can find them at your local Sally’s or shop the image below!


Natural Haircare Line for Color-Treated Hair




Natural haircare line for color-treated hair














Four Lifesaving Products for Damaged Hair You Need to Stock Up On

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Let’s face it – I love to curl my hair but using hot rollers every day doesn’t exactly lead to happy, healthy hair! I’m stocking up on all my favorite lifesaving products for damaged hair to get my blow out looking beautiful again!



love curly hair. It’s a shame I wasn’t born with naturally curly hair, just for the amount of money I’ve spent on curlers and hair spray over the years! But soft, beautiful curls come at a price – while I’ve never dyed my hair and I don’t expose it to chlorine often, my hair is very dry and brittle. Constant heat exposure and product build up over the years will do that to a girl!

But not anymore! I’m turning my hair from dry to restored in with just four products – and here’s how I did it.

Not every product is going to “fix” your hair. You have to look for products that are specific to what your hair needs to be healthy again. For me, my hair was dry and brittle so I needed products with a lot of moisture, which is why I stocked up on the Biotera Natural Origin NURTURE line at Sally Beauty – here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s made to moisturize your hair. If dry isn’t your problem, there’s also a RESTORE line for damaged hair and a RENEW Silky Milk for daily moisture.
  • The real reason why I snagged this brand is because it’s free from silicones, sulfates (sulfated surfactants), parabens and dyes – just a few things my hair can do without! Plus, it features biodegradable formulas and 100% recyclable packaging**, so you can care for your hair – and the Earth – at the same time!
  • If you’ve dyed your hair, these are color safe products that gently restore beauty and radiance, delivering the honest-to-goodness healthy hair you need to achieve salon perfection.


Step 1: Condition, then shampoo, then masque


Fun fact: there is not one, not two, but three outfit changes featured in this post! I was so excited about my new hair care products that I couldn’t wait to start photographing this post. On the left above is a picture of the “Before” – this is second day hair using a generic supermarket brand for shampoo and conditioner.

On the right is the “After” – can you see how much shinier and silkier my hair looks with just one wash? Here’s how I did it:

  • First, condition: Natural Origin NURTURE Conditioner
  • Second, shampoo: Natural Origin NURTURE Shampoo
  • Third, masque: Natural Origin NURTURE Masque

Because I’m using a masque for extra moisture, I conditioned first and shampooed second to give my hair a break in between all of the moisturizing happening.

But as smooth and shiny as my “new” hair looks – we have to talk about coconut oil and honey. Specifically, that’s what the Nurture line is scented with and it’s literally the best hair scent ever. Nothing smells as fresh and sweet as coconut oil plus honey! Move over, heavily-fragranced salon products loaded with chemicals – with up to 97% naturally derived ingredients, Biotera offers a high-quality alternative to Biolage® R.A.W. for less!


Step 2: Detangle and style


Any hair care routine to prepare for the perfect curled blowout isn’t complete without detangling! Trust me when I say you need to get yourself a bottle of the Biotera Natural Origin RENEW Leave-in Silky Milk – I do a few spritzes on damp hair to detangle and then a few spritzes post-detangling to minimize frizz and static. Biotera needs to make travel-sized bottles of the Leave-in Silky Milk so I can take this with me during the day!



Voila! Now my hair is ready for curlers! This is my new daily routine because it’s simple and I can really see a difference before I even style my hair in rollers. In order to get healthy, frizz-free and shiny curls, I need to have the right hair products to nurture my dry and damaged hair!

And here’s a FINAL “After” picture (bonus points for a wardrobe change because I was very unprepared for the Michigan cold!) after I used my hot rollers!



I don’t feature products on A Thing of Beauty that I’m not truly passionate about – so when I say you need to run to Sally Beauty to get these products, I mean it! Visit your local Sally Beauty store and you can stock up on your own Biotera routine – I got all four of my products for under $50, easily!



Happy shopping – and good luck turning your hair from dry or damaged to restored and beautiful!

New Year New Look: My New Healthy Hair Routine for 2019

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How is the first week of 2019 treating you? Hopefully you are recovered from plenty of time spent ringing in the New Year, and are ready to start the new year with a bang! This time of year is great for reflecting on all the changes the previous year, diving into your goals, and trying something new. I’m not particularly one for New Years Resolutions, but I did set one that I’m going to try to keep – take better care of my hair! It may sound shallow compared to people that are setting career, fitness and other big life goals. But self-care is important, and it goes for both the inside and out. I have to admit that I was not the best to my hair in 2018!

I experimented with color and a chemical treatment, and did way more straightening than I used to. By the end of the year my strands were, dry, frizzy, full of breakage and desperately needing some TLC. I decided that I’m going to dedicate the first half of 2019 to restoring the health and strength of my hair. Part of that journey means lots of protective styling to give my hair the break it needs. Protective styling breaks are essential for naturally kinky textures since our hair tends to be drier, more coarse and prone to damage from frequent manipulation. So you will see me wearing lots more protective styles like braids and wigs, which still allow for flexibility and fun with your hair, but they keep your natural hair safe from damage causing elements. I also found some new star products that so far have been a hero for my hair!



Biotera Natural Origin Collection features seven color-safe products that gently restore beauty and radiance, delivering the honest-to-goodness healthy hair you need to achieve salon perfection. The products feature up to 97% naturally derived ingredients, offering a high quality alternative to some premium products for a fraction of the cost.



I’ve been using the NURTURE Conditioner and Masque, which is perfect for dry hair. It’s enriched with nourishing Coconut Oil and Honey and smells just delicious! I alternate the NURTURE line with the RESTORE strengthening line, which repairs damaged hair. It’s enriched with nutrient-rich Goji Berry and Chia Extract, and all their products are free from silicones, sulfates, parabens and dyes. They also use biodegradable formulas and 100% recyclable packaging, so you can care for your hair and the Earth at the same time. Here’s a quick tutorial on my new healthy hair routine and how I’m saving my strands without compromising my style!

Sunday’s are wash day so I start by gently detangling my hair using the Biotera Nuture Conditioner. I separate my curls into small sections and using just a little bit of my homemade spritz (aloe vera juice & rosewater) and a lot of the conditioner, I gently finger detangle each section. I do not use a comb or any styling tools, just my fingers and a lot of patience. Then I pop on a plastic cap and let that sit for a bit, mostly just to give my arms a break! Then shampoo and follow with a deep conditioning mask. I alternate between the Nuture and Restore Masques to balance moisturization and strengthening. As far as styling, I’m keeping that super simple! My hair hangs out in braids or twists and during the week I play with fun hair accessories, headwraps, or wigs so I always look cute and stylish. The routine is easy, simple, and keeping my hair healthy.


When shopping for my hair/ beauty essentials, like my Biotera products or fun hair accessories to style with, Sally Beauty is the place to start. Look for Biotera next time you are there, and learn more about the brand and product line on their site!
Let me know what your 2019 resolutions are, for beauty, hair, health or whatever!
3 secret weapons for healthy hair

Five Ingredients to Avoid in Haircare Products

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When is the last time you looked at the ingredients listed in your shampoo? Could you even pronounce half of them? There are so many scary chemicals added to your haircare products that you might not even realize! Of course, we all want great hair, but truth be told, you don’t need the 25-letter word ingredients to get that! Today, I wanted to take a deeper dive into five ingredients you should avoid in your haircare products

After staring at my dry, breaking hair, I went on a hunt for a revitalizing product and tried Biotera’s new Natural Origin Restore line that is made of up to 97% naturally derived ingredients (and is affordable – heck yeah!). I started doing a bit more research on why a brand goes through the effort of making products free of sulfates, silicones and more and how that might make an impact on healing my hair. After just a day of reading around, I had a completely different outlook on the products I will choose to put in my hair – I only want products made with integrity. Biotera Natural Origin is free from sulfates (sulfated surfactants), silicones, parabens and dyes. Not only that, but it features biodegradable formulas in 100% recyclable packaging, so you can care for your hair and the Earth at the same time.

Now, let’s get started on chatting through how to repair your hair by avoiding these five ingredients:



  • Sulfates are often found in your hair products because they are responsible for creating that super-sudsy lather you know and love. Unfortunately, the luxe lather also strips your hair strands of its much-needed natural oils, drying out your hair and causing it to break.



  • Silicone, as it sounds, is certainly not natural and is actually a derivative of plastic. It gives your hair the illusion of shine, but not the kind of natural shine we want in our healthy, lovely locks. The fake shine is the result of the plastic coating you are essentially adding to your hair. So what? Why do we care if the shine is natural or fake? The shine that comes from silicone is not a sustainable shine and will actually lead to the reverse affect. Silicone will weigh the hair down, making it flat and dull. The coating prevents moisture and other healthy ingredients from penetrating into your strands of hair, which also makes your hair a magnet for dirt and other ingredients. Silicones will give you a beautiful shine for a couple of days, but over time it will attract more product buildup on the hair, leaving your hair limp and lifeless.



  • Parabens are a bit scary. While they have not been proven to cause cancer, studies have shown that some parabens at high levels can interfere with estrogen production, which can increase breast cell division and tumor growth. Chemicals are chemicals and quite honestly, I want as few as possible in my beauty products. So I typically try to steer clear of parabens to be safe.



  • Unless you are trying to color your hair, you do not want dyes in your products. A lot of haircare products have synthetic colors in them to make them look prettier. This is just another chemical that is unnecessary and you might as well cut. Synthetic dyes are linked to many health concerns, allergies, and it can irritate your skin.



  • It is always great to incorporate vegan products into your routines when possible. Vegan products are cruelty-free, include many of the chemicals above, and incorporate healthy oils an minerals to stimulate hair growth and strength.



I’ve loved using my Biotera haircare products to cut back on the five ingredients your hair could do without above! Check it out for yourself and see if your locks appreciate the natural love.



New Year, New Healthy Hair Routine

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4 Easy Tips on How to Start a Healthy Hair Routine


We’re a week into 2019 and I know I’m not the only one feeling that new year motivation! It’s so easy to make these grand goals and plans for revamping my life, but this dreary winter weather can really put a dampener on all of it–especially my hair routine. As cold temps settle in for the next few months, I’m starting a new hair care routine to ward-off any winter damage and jump-start my healthy hair goals for the new year, thanks to a few easy tips and an affordable, yet high quality, new line of hair care products!




I’ll be honest, I first jumped on the satin pillowcase trend solely for the luxurious feeling of drifting off on a cool, silky surface. When I saw how much smoother and sleeker my hair was right after waking up, I was sold! The satin material fights frizz on your hair (it’s also gentler on your skin!) so bedhead is a thing of the past! If you have particularly stubborn frizz or curly hair, you might also consider using a t-shirt instead of a bath towel to blot your hair dry after showering. This will eliminate even more frizz and make the results from your satin pillowcase even more substantial!




The foundation of all good hair, comes from what you put in it! My budget is sort of limited, so finding a salon-professional brand of hair care products at a drugstore price is all I could ever ask for, and Sally Beauty had just what I needed! Biotera Natural Origin products are a high-quality alternative to Biolage R.A.W. products at a fraction of the price! They’re also derived of 97% natural ingredients, free of sulfates + parabens, and come in 100% recyclable packaging so your hair isn’t the only thing you’re taking care of! The Natural Origin line features 7 different products–Click the image below to shop the 3 I picked up on my recent trip to Sally Beauty:




This particular line is made with coconut oil and honey to be ultra nourishing, especially for dry hair which is one of my biggest struggles, even in the summer! It’s free from silicones, sulfates, parabens, and dyes so there’s only room for the good stuff. All of Biotera Natural Origins products are color safe & gentle, as well, so if you’re a hair dye fanatic you’ll love being able to nourish your locks without draining the life of your color.


A strengthening moisturizer spray that gives your hair 2X more softness and 7X more strength! If you have your hair tied back often, even with gentle hair ties, any added strength is a must! The added moisture is another bonus for silky hair, every day!




I normally wear my hair down, but when I’m working at home or busy with little ones, getting those locks out of my face is essential. I’m trying to be kinder to my hair by choosing hair ties that are made to prevent the damage and breakage that regular pony-tails tend to leave behind. An added bonus is that most of these don’t leave those awful kinks in your hair!






I couldn’t tell you the last time I fully blow-dried my hair! I’m so glad I ditched this part of the routine, because not only do I get a little extra sleep in the mornings, but I’m also seeing the benefits of less heat damage. I still use a curling iron or straightener most days, but the Natural Origin Leave-In Silky Milk gives back a lot of the moisture I need to keep my hair looking fresh and not fried.




These 4 tips are really helping me revamp my hair routine for the new year. I already feel such a huge difference from these little changes and it’s such a confidence booster! Do you have any hair goals for 2019? Biotera Natural Origin products might be able to help you achieve them! Just head to your local Sally Beauty and pick up any of the 7 products to jump start your healthy hair routine! No more bad hair days!

Keeping My Platinum Hair Healthy with Biotera Natural Origin Haircare

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One of the questions I get asked the most is how I keep my platinum blonde hair healthy and well, still on my head. My hair is Game-of-Thrones-Khaleesi white and I’ve had this color for almost six months now. In 2015 I also had platinum blonde and I ended up having to chop it into a very short bob at the end of the year just to salvage my hair! I thought I would never go back to blonde after that, but here I am! It is a lot of upkeep with salon visits every 5-6 weeks, but what is more important for my hair is how I treat it in between those appointments. I am always looking for excellent haircare products that make my hair feel silky, smooth, and strong but don’t break the budget. Today I’m showing you my shower routine when washing my hair using Biotera Natural Origin Haircare from Sally Beauty.



I use the NURTURE line from the collection because my hair tends to be dry and drinks up all the moisture it can get. The Nurture line has coconut oil and honey in it to nourish dry hair and did I mention it smells heavenly? I love when I have to turn my head after using this because my hair smells like it was freshly done at the salon all day long.



I start off with the Nuture Shampoo, which I use every 2-3 days. I love that it is sulfate-free and cleans my hair without making it feel dry or stripped. Biotera Natural Origin is free from sulfates, silicones, parabens and dyes which keeps my hair clean and natural.



After rinsing the Nurture Shampoo out, I apply the Nurture Conditioner. This is a really lovely conditioner because you can feel it emulsifying when you apply it. Some conditioners feel like they barely penetrate your hair but this one just makes your hair feel silky smooth and healthy. I typically leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing it out and my hair feels wonderful afterward. Since my hair is color-treated, it tends to get very knotty after showering. This conditioner not only keeps my hair healthy and moisturizes, but I don’t have to worry about ripping out knots when drying off.



Next up is my personal favorite product from the line and my favorite step. The Nurture Moisturizing Masque is designed to sit in your hair for several minutes or longer. I especially love to lay back and relax in the bathtub and put this Nurture Masque on. Some days I will even let it sit for thirty minutes or more.



In the shower, I wrap my hair into a mini-bun toward the back of my head and let the Nurture Masque sit for ten minutes or so while I shave and wash my body.



Despite having root touch-up’s every 5-6 weeks and my hair being so light, it stays healthy and shiny with the Biotera Natural Origin Nurture Collection.



You can find the entire product line in Sally Beauty Supply where the haircare products are. I love the packaging because these Natural Origin products really stand out against everything else. They are in beautiful nature-colored bottles on the shelves (in 100% recyclable packaging!). If my hair care routine and journey hasn’t inspired you alone, check out that price! I love a good beauty bargain and these are a much more budget-friendly version of Biolage® R.A.W. products.  Be sure to check out the products online here and tell me about your own haircare routine!

DIY Self-Care Spa Day with Biotera Natural Origin Products

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Self-care has become extremely popular over the last few years. You see and hear bloggers, celebrities and everyone in between constantly talking about it. I have recently surveyed my Instagram followers to find out that almost everyone has heard the term “self-care”, and about 2/3rds of everyone who answered my survey dedicate at least 1 night a week to some type of “self-care”. And while “self-care” means a lot of different things, my favorite kind of self-care, and the one I want to talk about today is pampering!



Below are the 6 easy steps to my perfect pampering night: 

1. Relaxing bath – go to scent of choice – lavender with some fresh eucalyptus mixed in!
2. Scented candles – anything and everything by Anecdote Candles!
3. Favorite tunes – my playlists on Spotify are my everything! I have a special one for baths!
4. Good book – currently reading Women Who Run With The Wolves
5. Hair mask – obsessed with Biotera Restore Strengthening Mask for damaged hair and Biotera Nurture Moisturizing Mask for dry hair
6. Leave in hair treatment – added Biotera Renew Leave-In Silky Milk that provides daily moisture and strength for all hair types



Now you may be wondering about numbers 5 and 6 on my list. I have recently discovered Biotera Natural Origin Hair Products at Sally’s Beauty. As you know I bleach my hair a few times a year, and I am always on the look out to try new products that will help keep my hair soft, shiny and healthy. I will be 100% honest with you, a big part of taking care of your hair is a good hairstylist. The way your hair is dyed, bleached, styled at the salon will influence your hair care routine at home. I have had my hair over processed before, to the extent where I would comb it, and it would just keep breaking off. I wanted to cry. But I did my best to strengthen my hair with masks, oils and leave in treatments, and never, NEVER went back to that stylist again.

I am so excited to introduce you and my hair to NEW Biotera Natural Origin, haircare that’s made with integrity and up to 97% naturally derived ingredients. This salon professional line offers a high-quality alternative to Biolage® R.A.W.for less. Biotera Natural Origin is free from sulfates*, silicones, parabens and dyes. Not only that, but it features biodegradable formulas and 100% recyclable packaging**, so you can care for your hair and the Earth at the same time



I went shopping for my Biotera products at Sally’s Beauty last week, and if you saw my Instagram story, I shouted out the girl who works at Sally’s Beauty on Madison Ave in The Loop in Chicago, because she was so incredibly helpful, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! She recommended the products that were appropriate for my hair type, and even told me about a BOGO deal, so I could get an additional Biotera gift set to add to my routine!



The Natural Origin collection features seven color-safe products that gently restore beauty and radiance, delivering the honest-togoodness healthy hair you need to achieve salon perfection: NURTURE – Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque for dry hair, enriched with nourishing Coconut Oil and Honey RESTORE – Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque for damaged hair, enriched with nutrient- rich Goji Berry and Chia Extract RENEW – Leave-in Silky Milk for all hair types, with Honey and Goji Berry, provides daily moisture and strength for 2X more softness*** and 7X more strength**** It is great for use on wet hair to detangle; on dry hair to help minimize frizz and static.

How do you take care of yourself and your hair these days?

Fix Summer Hair Damage this Winter with Biotera Natural Origin

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Hi loves!

Did you know a lot of Summer activities we like to indulge in are actually damaging our hair? Not to mention how much Winter dries out your hair too. I am so thankful that this damage is repairable with Biotera Natural Origin hair products!



During the Summer, you can find me in the pool, at the beach, or just laying out in the hot sun. All of these are great, but not for our hair. Chlorine is extremely drying for your hair because it strips the hair strands of their natural oils. You can imagine if you are in a pool very often how dry your hair will become. As for salt water, it creates a high-saline solution which builds up on your hair causing it to feel weighed down, and dry. I honestly hate the feeling my hair has after I come out of the ocean. Lastly, the suns UVA and UVB rays damage the outside cover of your hair strands which is your hair cuticle. This causes hair breakage, frizzing, split ends, and discoloration. Time spent outside in the winter, and in heated buildings, also contributes to drying hair out. Think about the damage you do to your hair after using your hot tools to style your hair. Not to mention that it’s hard to avoid using a blow dryer during your routine when it’s colder out in the winter.

Is there no safe season for hair?! What if I told you that this damage is repairable? Just keep reading to find out how I  give my hair some TLC using new Biotera Natural Origin products that are now available at Sally Beauty stores.



How To Transform Damaged Hair

  • Use products that are free of toxins such as silicones, sulfates, paragons, and dyes. The New Biotera Natural Origin products do not have any of these harsh chemicals. The Natural Origin collection contains seven color safe hair products, and will gently restore hairs beauty and radiance for salon quality results.
  • Wash your hair 2-3x a week. It is important to give your hair a break from washing daily because this causes the natural oils to be stripped away. I love the Biotera Natural Origin Restore Shampoo. It contains nutrient-rich Goji Berry and Chia Extract. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped as most other shampoos do. For conditioner, I like to use something a bit more moisturizing so I use the Biotera Natural Origin Nurture Conditioner which has coconut oil and honey. This seals the deal for me. My hair feels amazing and looks shiny after.
  • Use a hair masque 2x a week. If I didn’t use a hair masque/deep conditioner, my hair would be taking a lot longer to look and feel healthier. My favorite masque to use is the Biotera Natural Origin Nurture Masque. This masque is super hydrating for dry hair. It is enriched with coconut oil, and honey which are both full of moisturizing properties. My hair feels really soft after using this product, and is much easier to detangle. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in how less frizzy my hair looks and how much curls are much more defined.
  • Get a trim. I love to get a trim when the colder months start because it get’s rid of any split ends and allows my hair to grow faster.
  • Use a wide toothed comb. Using a wide toothed comb is much easier on the hair, especially if it is wet. It doesn’t cause breakage, and it is a lot less tugging.



Frizzy, dry, undefined curls before Biotera Natural Origin products


Soft, shiny, defined, less frizzy curls after Biotera Natural Origin products

Not only are the Biotera Natural Origin products good for us and the environment, but they are super affordable too for only $10.99! With up to 97% naturally derived ingredients, the salon professional line offers a high-quality alternative to Biolage® R.A.W. for less. What a deal!

How do you repair your hair?
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