AGEbeautifully At Any Age

AGEbeautiful is the first anti-aging haircolor but that doesn’t limit it to just one generation of haircolor users…

Enter Regina and Marta, the delightful mother and daughter duo who dazzled us from the minute they walked into the photo shoot.  After we finished pleasantries of our shared Williamsburg, Brooklyn residences (who knew that my favorite Polish take-out was pronounced with a “joop!” for Dzup?) we got down to business!

Mom Regina wants a regal red that works well with her complexion, completely obliterates her stubborn grays and doesn’t give her “hot roots”.   My hands couldn’t reach for the AGEbeautiful RC’s fast enough.


1 1/2oz AGEbeautiful 7RC Permanent Hair Color
1/2oz AGEbeautiful 8N Permanent Hair Color

2oz AGEbeautiful 20Volume Developer

Apply formula at root area only and allow to process for 45 minutes.
Rinse, shampoo and condition.

Gloss faded ends using AGEbeautiful TintShine Bronze for 10 minutes at sink.
This key to Regina’s formula is the addition of the neutral 8N shade, which not only gives complete gray coverage but also ensures balanced, not too-vibrant, aka “hot roots”.

Daughter Marta is a working actress / model and wants to have some fun with her color, while still being seen as a blonde. My fan-favorite Metallic Rose on her tips will give her some excitement while keeping angry phone calls from her agent at bay.

2 1/4oz AGEbeautiful Clear Shine Demi Permanent Color
1/4oz AGEbeautiful 5RR Demi Permanent Color
2 1/2oz AGEbeautiful Demi Permanent Developer

Begin by isolating away the top half section of the hair (from temple to crown)
Alternate with one inch horizontal and diagonal front sections
Back-comb each section with about half of the hair towards the root-line of the section
Free-hand paint your Metallic Rose Formula in a V-Shaped pattern in each section, from mid lengths to ends
Allow to process for 20 minutes upon completion
Rinse, shampoo and condition.
Regina and Marta are great examples of the self-pampering that we all need to do after the hectic holiday season.
They are also remarkable proof that AGEbeautiful is the go-to hair color for all generations!

Fall into a Brighter Brunette with AGEbeautiful

I love this time of year.
That first turn of summer into fall season when the days are bright and bold.
And the nights are crisp and cold.
That contrast between shadows + light, warm vs cool.
There’s a certain sexy to this time of year that only a brunette understands…

Iris has been a proud brunette for her whole life and wasn’t interested in becoming a blonde but would benefit from some brighter bits.

I always hated that old adage that at a certain point in your life, you have to basically give up and “act your age”.

Iris’ hair was perfect for this look and I was determined to prove not only that but the other anti-aging benefits of taking this next step.

Iris had been covering those pesky grays using my favorite rich sable brunette formula:
1oz AGEbeautiful 6N Permanent + 3/4oz 6G Permanent + 1/4oz 7A Permanent with 2oz 20Volume

Once Iris’ grays were knocked out we got to the real action…

We free hand painted highlights using AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener and 40Volume

I mixed them together to a whipped crème like consistency and started in the back of Iris’ head.  Starting right above the occipital bone we painted V-shaped 2” pieces in a brick-lay pattern.  At the front of her face we began to place pieces on a diagonal-back.

Using your eye place the brighter pieces where the sun would naturally lighten the most.

We processed until the highlights were pale yellow.

Now for my favorite fall gloss formula:
Equal parts of AGEbeautiful TintShine Gold + TintShine Bronze with Demi Developer

We applied all over Iris’ hair for 10 minutes

Not only did Iris have stunning results but was delighted to know that these new highlights would help buffer the blow of the incoming grays in a few weeks.

Iris proves that you can keep your hair youthful at any age and was last seen with a basket full of TintShine at Sally Beauty.

Summer Bronde How-To

Taking a deep brunette into the blondes may seem like a daunting challenge, but a challenge is one thing Mike Petrizzi, AGEbeautiful Artistic Director, never shies away from.  “The trick to blonding a very dark base color is to emulate the way the sun would naturally brighten the hair.  Focus on really sun-soaked, super saturated splashes of lightness on the ends that gradually deepen towards the base.  Keeping the richness at the root, grounds the color and makes it look like the hair just came back from months being bleached in the Costa Rican sun!”

Mike Petrizzi employs a few variations of popular free-hand balayage techniques to achieve his goal.  “This is sort of a everything-but-the-kitchen sink approach to balayage.  We use a lot of back-combing in the nape and back of the head, to diffuse the lightness at the root, and lessen this as we approach the face and top.  I also alternated putting the ends of each lightened section in foil, this gives you some super pale bits varying with more golden pieces.”



1.Begin in the back of the head and take small triangle sections, teasing the hair up to the root. Focus on back-coming more hair in the areas where you want more deepness at the root.

2. Apply the lightener in V patterns up towards the root, concentrating on saturating the ends.

3. Alternate every other section with foil-wrapping the ends to retain heat and provide even more lift.

4. Work your hair towards the face-frame and top of the head, easing up on the backcombing and bringing more of your lightener towards the root area, just as the sun would naturally brighten.

5. Process until the hair is pale yellow, rinse, shampoo and deep condition.

Rock Radiant Red this Spring!

Be radiant and show off your shine! I’ve been loving how ruby red Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful hair color in the shade 6RR is making my hair! Paired with my red hair-do of course I had to add a red lip, but to break things up I added just a pinch of gold. To contrast my hair I packed on a little bit of Lime Crime’s brown/green shift shadow from their Venus Two palette called “Pidgeon.” As you can see, if you have colored hair, rock it! Don’t drown yourself in neutrals daily in fear of too much color. Believe me, art has no boundaries.

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About AGEbeautiful Artistic Director, Mike Petrizzi:

  • Lives: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY


  • Works: Livian Salon, Chelsea, NYC


  • Favorite thing to do: Biking around NYC!


  • Why do you Heart AGEbeautiful? I love AGEbeautiful because it is the best hair color for gray coverage out there. I trust it on all of my incredibly discerning clients, knowing that it reliably delivers 100% maximum gray coverage, restores manageability and softness, and transforms wiry grays.

Mike’s Top 10 Haircolor Tips:

First grays got you down?  Grab AGEbeautiful Demi Permanent Color to softly blend away grays and leave your hair with super sexy shine.

Try using a neutral AGEbeautiful Demi Permanent shade on your roots and a vibrant tonality on your mid-lengths and ends for perfect, balanced results, every time!

Got roots that are screaming for attention?  For a quick fix use AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up Spray in a shade lighter than needed and apply a couple of coats to achieve deeper results.

Want to banish brass from your hair?  Try AGEbeautiful 3B to destroy unwanted warmth on brunettes.

Red need a refresh? AGEbeautiful Tint Shine Sheer Red to the rescue for an instant red reinvigoration!

Blonde beginning to go bland?  Use AGEbeautiful Clear Shine and 9N to restore brilliance to your blonde and make it come back to life!

Want a brunette that is anything but boring?  Spice it up using AGEbeautiful’s Ultimate Coverage Collection for a rich, chocolate brown with super sexy shine.

Ready for a bold, vibrant infusion of powerful plum tones?  Try AGEbeautiful Shades of Intrigue Collection for the perfect plum hair.

Add sexy volume to your hair using AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up Spray. It delicately covers thinning patches so hair looks naturally full and beautiful.

AGEbeautiful Tint Shine is a quick way to add a soft veil of sheer color and brilliant shine to previously colored hair.  Best part?  It only takes 10 minutes!

Check out more of Mike’s expert tips and techniques on:

  • Instagram: @petrizzipro
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