Teal Appeal

Teal Appeal is a fun way to add a blast of blue-green to your hair using an easy technique that works on all hair types.

“I love that this technique is a versatile way to add color to your hair in an easy to do manner. Best part is it works with this gorgeous marine-inspired shade, AND virtually any color in the AGEbeautiful palette.”

AGEbeautiful Artistic Director Mike Petrizzi

Here's what you need:

2oz AGEbeautiful
5BG Permanent Liqui-Crème Hair Color

2oz AGEbeautiful
10-Volume Developer

Here's what you're going to do:

Jeanine started at a Level 6, and was pre-lightened to a Level 10 with AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener.

  1. Start by pulling hair onto the top of the head into a high ponytail.
  2. Clip a few artfully random pieces, creating an upper and lower section.
  3. Mix 2oz AGEbeautiful 5BG Permanent Hair Color and 2oz AGEbeautiful 10-volume Developer in a bowl.
  4. Using a brush, apply formula to the bottom section of the hair (not the hair in the pony-tail).
  5. Process for 30 minutes, rinse, shampoo and condition.

NOTE: For the most bold, captivating and vibrant effects on dark hair, pre-lighten with AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener first.