Texture FAQ

Please call the Zotos Professional technical support hotline with any questions at 1-800-242-9283 x7859. 


Base your decision on the porosity of the hair and the desired end result by using our perm guides. The products are listed at the top and below each is the type of chemistry and the curl end result. The bulk of the guide is everything you need to know about how to use the product and what to expect.

Yes, your client may have used a conditioning shampoo that could leave a residue. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo prior to a texture service to remove any residue that may be on the hair.

Yes, the amount of water left in the hair prior to solution application could dilute the solution, therefore not breaking down enough bonds to create the desired result. Hair should be damp, not soaking wet, when wrapping. If you wrap with a lot of water, towel blot with a paper towel before applying the solution.

When wrapping Zotos Acid, Alkaline or Exothermic perms, a minimal amount of tension is required. There should be room for the hair to expand. With newer technologies such as Ammonia- Free or Thio-Free perms, more tension is required.

No, they are sold separately.

Yes, the Activator is the part of the solution mixture that breaks the bonds and makes the texture service work. Be sure to mix the Activator and the Solution thoroughly to ensure even distribution.

Every head is different and depends on the length, density and porosity of the hair. 
To ensure proper application:

• Open the bottle with a pin rather than cutting with a scissor (this allows better control).
• Apply slowly and evenly allowing the hair to absorb. 
• When the hair is wet and shiny, stop applying. The hair is full and can’t hold any more.

Yes, the processing cap creates the perfect environment for the chemicals to process. It keeps the moisture “In” and the air “Out”. When the chemicals come in contact with the air it slows down the process. Make sure processing cap is airtight.

Always follow manufacturer’s directions. Never take a “Test Curl” on a “No Test Curl” perm, this will interrupt the perm processing. As long as proper chemistry was chosen for the porosity of the hair, the timing will be perfect.

There are many ways:

• Watch the water in the sink as you are rinsing, if it is cloudy the solution is still in the hair (when water is clear the solution is out). 
• Feel the hair. If it is slippery the solution is still in the hair. 
• Smell the hair. If there is still a perm or ammonia fragrance, continue rinsing with warm water. As a guide, rinse 5 minutes for chin length hair. For every additional inch of length, add another minute to rinsing.

We don’t recommend using a dryer. Using regular towels followed by paper towels will remove the moisture necessary.

To ensure saturation, make sure you apply the neutralizer slowly and evenly. There should be an equal amount of neutralizer and solution used. The hair should look wet and shiny. Always follow manufacturer’s directions.

We recommend using cool water. This allows the cuticle to close.

Instructions on each box will specify what tools are needed.

All perms contain ingredient lists on the bottom of the box.

No, Zotos Professional does not use animal tests to confirm the safety of Zotos Professional products. Safety of Zotos Professional products is assured by using safe raw materials and where applicable, confirming safety by testing via patch tests with human volunteers under a physician’s supervision and using non-animal alternative tests.