Cinnamon Spiced Blonde

Transform washed out, faded blonde into an ultra luxurious strawberry blonde!

Angie’s hair was feeling the cold of the winter months and she wanted to revitalize her dull, drab color into a spicy strawberry shade. AGEbeautiful 9RC to the rescue! This spicy blonde shade is perfect for when your hair needs a kick of warmth.

Rose Gold Blonde

Shake up your typical blonde with a radiant refresh that feels totally “now.” Lisa had a disconnected dishwater color on top, with a solid dark reddish tone in the back nape area. Connect the two shades and transform her on-the-fence blonde into a refreshing, summery rose gold.

Sunlit Brunette

Taxia’s color had started to feel tired and dull. How to give it new life? AGEbeautiful Demi Permanent Color to the rescue!

When dealing with previously colored and highlighted hair that has faded, always reach for a gentle, non-ammonia color like AGEbeautiful Demi Permanent. These colors will refresh and restore tone without damaging the hair and provide long-lasting results.

Striking Sugar Plum

She is looking to add some kick to her mature, natural looking color. Adding a pop of bold color to your hair for the holiday is easy to do yourself and hot for any age!

Pearlescent Blonde

One of the most common coloring questions is how to counteract unwanted brassy tones after pre-lightening or highlighting blonde hair.

Blushing Blonde

AGEbeautiful Blushed Hues are perfect for clients who want to try something new while staying in the blonde/brunette family. A pre-blended palette of soft, creamy beige shades with rosy undertones that flatter every complexion, Blushed Hues create elegant, blushing blondes and sophisticated, sandy brunettes.

Vivacious Red Violet

Torn between two of AGEbeautiful’s most popular shades?  You can have it all with the Red Violet Series, featuring fan favorites: cool reds and vibrant violets! These traffic stopping shades are sure to impress and work with all complexions.

Violet Fusion

Ready for a kiss of violet? The AGEbeautiful Neutal Violet shades are infused with just a hint of violet to add sophisticated sparkle and luminescent shine.