How to Choose Your Ideal AGEbeautiful Hair Color Shade


A game-changing tool for hair creators!

If you want color that keeps you in the game, you’ve got to play with game-changing technology—like the new Color Play™ digital hair color try-on tool from Zotos Professional.

Not only does it let you virtually visualize what you’d look like in a range of AGEbeautiful™ professional anti-aging hair color shades, it also uses specially designed methods to choose your ideal match—and order it instantly. Plus, our tool really brings its A-game by giving you access to our team of professional colorists, who give pointers on achieving your vision if it requires extra steps.

Ready to win the fight against all 5 signs of aging hair, and get color that looks as young and vibrant as you feel? Score the ideal made-for-you shade with Color Play, the future of personalized hair color recommendations!